A Tale of Two Tights

Yesterday, I was in the final stages of getting ready. Last thing to put on was my tights. Truth be told, (And really, why start lying to you now?!) I was kind of excited about them! I had asked my mom for fun tights for Christmas. After explaining to her what that meant, one of the pairs I received was this one…

animal print tights

How cute are those? Gray and black zebra print with a strip of leopard! I’m not a huge fan of animal prints, but these are a great accent piece. See why I was so excited?

First, I tried putting them on according to the location of the tag, center back. No brainer, right? I put them on leg and realized that positioned the leopard strip up the front of my leg. Odd. Usually any stripes on hosiery is up the back.

So I figured I would be a rebel and wear them backwards so the stripe would be up the back of my legs. I put them on one leg and then the second. I then pulled them up for the final positioning and quickly understood we had another problem. I had them pulled up as far as they would go and let’s just say they were sagging and only about half way up my rear. Fantastic.

At this point, I’m running of time and need to get out the door for work. I grab a different pair of tights, yank them on and go to work. Β And at work, within a couple of hours, I cross my legs and snag the inner knee on my boot zipper.

torn tights, hole in tights, houndstooth tights

Awesome. I got to spend the rest of the morning walking around with this one inch hole visible to everyone.

Lunch time meant another tights change. Third pair for the day. Because I love laundry. Just kidding. I threw away the holey tights.

And this is why I can’t have nice things.

Do you like tights? Total necessity in winter for me!

What is your favorite accessory to wear?


8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Tights

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    One my first day of my last job I scratched my leg on my desk, ripped my tights and had to search for a first aid lit bc I was bleeding. Welcome to the office!

  2. Diana

    Gee, talk about bad luck! =( I love tights but don’t wear them any more because I never wear dresses anymore! Stay at home mommy jean rut, that’s what I’m in! Maybe next fall when I go back to work. =)


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