The Christmas Tree That Almost Wasn’t

I know I promised this post to be up yesterday, but Sassy is to blame for its delay.  Seriously. Little Miss told me on Sunday night she had to perform in a Christmas concert the following evening.  Yes, less than 24 hours notice. Thanks Sassy. She, of course, had been given the information to bring home to us five days earlier, but failed to do so.  Great.

But wait, it gets better! She then told me she had an extra practice to prepare for the concert. The extra practice required I drive her to school at 7:00 AM. Fantastic.  So please send all complaints for the lack of post to the attention of Sassy.

Thank you. 😉

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday we went with my parents to pick out their real Christmas tree.  I’m sure you are asking yourself, why did they wait so long to do this.  Not sure about other weekends, but the weekend prior was bitter cold.  As in single digits.  No thank you.  No way I was marching around a Christmas Tree farm in search of that perfect tree.  Thankfully, they didn’t want to either.  So this past weekend it was!

We arrived with high hopes of the perfect tree in our heads.  We were excited to see the parking lot was almost empty.  Sweet!  And then this young man asked us if we had already marked our tree.  Nope.  Is that a problem?…

Christmas tree farm

He then informed us the farm had reached its limit for chopping down trees for the year.  Um, what?  He then showed us the pre-cut “Cadillac of Christmas trees” they had available.  They had been cut down the week before and shipped in from three states away.  This Cadillac also carried a Cadillac price.  And more importantly, it had needles and branches my parents didn’t care for.  The tree guy then showed us the last two pre-cut trees remaining from this actual farm.

Christmas tree farm

Wow.  Decisions, decisions.  My mom made a huge production of posing with the tree she picked and showing it off all Price-is-Right-model style.

Christmas tree

After picking THE tree, we wondered inside the gift shop in hopes of seeing Santa.  We discovered no tree cutting also means no Santa.  Scrooged again.

The tree guy did offer us a hayride around the farm.  We had the whole ride to ourselves.  Imagine that!


On the way home, it was Sassy’s turn to sit in the back row.  It was also the location for the largest part of the tree! Can you see her back there?

I can’t decide if she is thinking, “I hope there are no animals in this tree!” or “Now my fingers are sticky from sap”…

Back at my parents’, OMG Becky’s friend joined us for dinner and then we got to decorating the tree.

After my dad and OMG Becky got the tree standing, I had the pleasure of cutting away the wrap/sleeve/net from the tree.  All was going well until a rogue needle shot off a branch and headed straight for my eye. I saw it coming in what felt like slow motion and did an overly dramatic dive to the floor in order to avoid sure injury while yelling, “My eye!” “My eye!” It was all so funny, but the darn sharp little projectile did hit me right below the eye. So glad my cat-like reflexes saved me and my vision!

Amid the decorating, there was a brief pause for dessert I had brought. Chocolate pudding cake with peppermint ice cream. Have you tried this combo? You must! They are so good together!

Back to the tree. It was looking great! And then seconds after this picture was taken…

It fell over!  Luckily, my mom caught it and only a few ornaments fell off.  Yikes!  But don’t worry, it is now secure and looking strong.  And will hopefully remain so for another week and a half!

And that my friends, was our Christmas Tree adventure for this year.  Another funny to share with you. Have you seen the #XmasJammies video yet?

Did you send out your Christmas cards/video yet? I’m still working on mine…


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree That Almost Wasn’t

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    Haha these sounds like a scene from a Christmas movie! Glad you finally got the tree standing up right 🙂


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