Send Sunshine

It’s a mess outside with black ice and temps in the 20’s. I’m playing hooky from work (it’s okay, I called in a sub) and spending the morning in my pajamas, watching Christmas movies with my girls. I thought it would be fun to share a hike in October that I never got around to sharing.


It was much warmer that day.

And there was sun!


Sun, glorious sun!


Attempted selfie fail.

selfie fail

Love note for me from OMG Becky!

heart-shaped leaf

Sassy picked up a hedge apple only to put her thumb through a soft spot.  Eww!

hedge apple

OMG Becky and I had fun rolling the hedge apples down the trail because Stella would then take off after them.


She keeps  us entertained!

OMG Becky got a funny surprise, too. She was having fun kicking these nut/ball/seed things as she came across them on the trail.

And then she kicked this…


It looked similar from the top and then she kicked it and it exploded mushroom parts all over her foot.  Ha!

And a bit later, this big spider ran across the trail in front of her.



It was the first time we had gone this far on this particular trail. It ended with a paved hill up to a parking lot. Now Stella loves hills. Or at the very least, she loves to run up hills. So as soon as she saw this one the race was on!

OMG Becky and I did not run it. This choice gave the other two a chance to take a break.  I’m pretty sure they were happy about that.

I feel warmer just looking at these photos! Our forecast for this coming week shows temps in the high 50’s four days in a row. Cannot wait!

What are you doing this weekend?


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