A First for Stella

Yesterday was another gorgeous day in the fifties.  I had to be outside!  I would have loved to get a trail run in, but I had been dealing with an queasy stomach all day.  A hike was about all I could handle.  OMG Becky and Stella joined me.  And slowed me down.  Ha!

trail walk

All Stella wanted to do was play in the leaves.  And OMG Becky always complains that I walk too fast.  Ugh.  Our hike was really nothing more than a leisurely stroll.   So much for getting my sweat on!  Oh well.

We noticed parts of the lake are already frozen over.

autumn lake

We had fun finding rocks to throw on the ice, trying to break it.  I finally got one to break through.  Good times!

The trail was packed with people walking their dogs.  Stella is awesome at letting other dogs approach her.  She pretty much ignores them.  Even the ones barking and pulling at their leashes.  She deserved a hug.

puppy love


As we were on the final big hill to our trailhead, I heard a large something on the trail below us.  When I turned around I saw a horse and rider running along.  My first thought was “Oh no!”  Stella is great with other dogs, but she has never seen a horse before!  How is this going to go for all of us?

horse trail

I decided it was best not to find out.  OMG Becky and I started charging up the hill in an attempt to get to the car before Stella saw the horse.  Luckily the rider slowed down to a walk at the bottom of the hill where the gravel/dirt trail becomes assault.

We made it to the car where Stella threw herself down in the backseat trying to remove her Gentle Leader.

She does not like that thing, but it’s great at keeping her from pulling on her leash.

At first she didn’t even notice the horse right passing our car.

And then she did and became very curious, watching it pass.

But no barking, so I guess that’s a positive sign.

What was the highlight of your Saturday?


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