Thanksgiving Horsing Around

Thanksgiving welcomed warm sunshine for the first time in a few days.  We were happy to see it!  My girls and I rode with my parents out to my uncle’s ranch.  It’s an easy 30-minute drive from us.

ranchThis is the ranch we had OMG Becky’s birthday the week before.

ranchThis pasture is where the bonfire was (on the other side of the pond).  That barn is where the hayride started.

We were the first ones there and after dropping off our contribution to the meal in the kitchen, OMG Becky wanted me to join her outside.  She headed straight to the horse barn.


OMG Becky is a horse lover.  Has been her entire life.  She’s been riding since a very young age.  In Oregon, she even worked at a couple of stables in exchange for riding lessons.  She was 12-14 at the time.  She is currently looking for a similar job here.  I hope she finds one because she really does enjoy it!

Sassy quickly found us and one of the barn cats.

This picture summarizes my girls perfectly!

Then Blondie arrived and Sassy disappeared with her for the day.

OMG Becky and I went around the other side of the barn in search of more horses.  I think there are currently 12 of them.  And we found some!


Our next goal was to get them to come over to us.  It didn’t take too long.


Sunny Moon (he has a crescent moon-shaped spot on his rear) was the first horse to wander over.

Such a sweetie!

Sunny Moon is a big horse!

It’s hard to see in these photos, but he is tall.

And he also has a thing for my hair.

It was shortly after this photo that he just about got a mouthful of it!

28i (2)

Their miniature Sicilian donkey also came over to see us a couple of times.  Love that little donkey!

miniature Sicilian donkey

Back inside it was starting to fill up.  Though it was a smaller group this year.  Only 41 of us.  Many were spending the holiday with the other side of their family.

OMG Becky, my niece and I shared a love seat.  Ah family closeness!

There were photos of “the turkey shirts.”  These turkey sweatshirts have been around for years.

It’s always fun to see who is wearing theirs that year and to hear excuses from others as to why they weren’t wearing theirs.  Ha!

The men have a button-up turkey shirt.  I totally forgot to get a picture of them!

After the meal, we got down to the serious side of our event.  Black Friday ads!

black friday ads

Searching the ads is a tradition that we take very seriously.  There was even some hording of ads this year by a certain cousin who shall remain nameless.  She wanted to make sure she saw certain ads before anyone else! Ha!

We ended the day with my girls and I finally going to see The Hunger Games, Catching Fire movie.  So good!

One last photo for you.


My nieces and OMG Becky now and then.

dance class

I can’t even remember how long ago that photo was taken!  In the now photo, OMG Becky looks taller, but she’s wearing healed boots.  They are all actually 5’3.something”, wear the same size shoe and pretty much the same color of hair.  Funny how they all turned out so similar!

That is my favorite part of the holidays.  Seeing family that you may not see on a regular basis.  Touching base with everyone.  We had a cousin announce a new baby (due in June) on the way this year!  So exciting!

What was the highlight of your Thanksgiving?


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