Bon-fire Birthday

Friday night we celebrated OMG Becky’s 16th Birthday.  Her birthday isn’t actually for another month (December 23), but we usually have to celebrate it a couple of weeks early due to the busy holiday/travel season.  This year she and my mom came up with the idea of a bonfire and hayride at my uncle’s ranch.

We gathered at my parent’s house at the start of the party to carpool the 30 minutes to the ranch.


The past three Fridays have been just fantastic weather.  We were hoping this Friday would follow that trend.  It did not.  It was freezing.  Actually below freezing.  As we headed to the ranch it was only 28 degrees!  Most of them came prepared for the temps and even brought blankets.  Some of them?  Not so much.  :-/

Once we reached the ranch, we parked at the house and had to walk down the road a bit to one of the barns.  The tractor and trailer were all set up and ready to roll!  We received our instructions, such as if you fall off the trailer, roll away from it so you don’t get run over.  Good to know!


Our original plan was to ride into town and get hot chocolate at Sonic.  The problem with that plan?  It was a 40-minute ride one way.  Brrrr!  We thought it would be best to cut the ride a bit shorter.  Instead, we did and out and back to my cousin’s house.  It was maybe 45 minutes total.  Overall, it wasn’t as cold on the ride as I thought it would be.  The only time I really felt too cold was at the end when the tractor sped up for some reason.  Then the wind hurt my face a bit.

Once back at the ranch, it was bon-fire time!  It took awhile to get the fire going, but once we did it was awesome.  The heat felt so good!



There was a lot of pairing up trying to keep warm.


My girls and I had put together s’more packets two graham crackers, one marshmallow & a piece of chocolate in a baggie) to make it a bit easier.  And then Sassy and my dad made some awesome marshmallows roasting sticks!  They took paint roller extensions poles and used duct tape to attach parts of metal clothes hangers on the end.  Brilliant!



Our bon-fire was in the middle of a pasture.  A pasture with yearlings in it.  At one point I heard someone walking behind me.  I knew all the kids were accounting for (my goal at a kid party is to never lose a kid!), so I had a brief moment of terror.  I turned around to find several sets of eyes looking at me!



Seven calves had somehow snuck up on us!  My uncle said they were pretty tame and we could pet them.  A few of the kids tried, but the cows wouldn’t let them get any closer than two feet.  It was fun to watch!  Ha!

Sassy also made a new friend.


This barn cat fell in love with her.  Who could blame him?

After the bon-fire, we went back home for cupcakes, hot chocolate and presents.

birthday party

I wish I had gotten a better picture of the cupcakes!  They were hombre fall colors with a sugar paste leaf on each one.

OMG Becky wasn’t sure what to tell people she wanted for her birthday.  She had told two friends she wanted scarfs.  That turned into four scarves gifted!  I cannot wait to wear them all.  Not even joking one bit!  🙂


Her little friend had fun trying them all on.  Ha!

Such a fun night!  I hope it lived up to all of OMG Becky’s expectations and made her 16th birthday extra special.

What did you do for your 16th birthday?

Do you like hayrides and bonfires?


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