Picture Day & Baby Love

Sunday was family picture day.  We were going to surprise my mom with a new picture of all 15 of the grandkids.  We have two new additions to the family since the last photo was taken 3.5 years ago.

Last week it was decided to add also take a pictures with all the grandkids and my parents and also my siblings and spouses.  Mercy.  That meant telling my mom what was going on.  Surprise!

Behind the scenes action.

So many cuties!  All but one of the grandkids came.  (The other one had a swollen nose and black eye due to a cheerleading accident.  The photographer will try to Photoshop her in.)

OMG Becky got the privilege of holding the newest family member.  She is just 9.5 weeks old!  The last picture we took Sassy got to hold the baby at that time, Hoppy, new baby’s big sister.  They are all growing so fast!  The oldest is now 22.  Twenty-two!  😦

While we were there, my mom took a few pictures of my girls and I, hoping to get at least one good one for our Christmas card.

This is not it.

After the photo shoot, we went out for lunch.  Where I spent most of my time holding the baby.

I melt.

OMG Becky offered to take a picture of us for me.  She actually insisted and grabbed my phone as I was taking a picture.

Calm down, Becky!

I could hold her all day long.

How was your weekend?

Do you take an annual family picture?


4 thoughts on “Picture Day & Baby Love

  1. Suzanne

    Aww I bet that was fun getting together and taking family pictures. We have one picture of Allan’s brothers, their families, and his mom that we took in June but my side doesn’t have one picture of my parents with both my sister and I and our husbands and my sister’s son. We need to get on that!


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