Favorite Meet

One of Sassy’s cross country meets took me home.  Home as in back to the place where as a child (10-18 years old) most of my recreational softball games were played.  At the time, it was a group of fields behind a junior high school.  Now it’s part of a middle school campus with two other schools, an aquatic center and football stadium.  Nice.

This was my favorite meet for another reason, too.  The course offered some really great spots to watch the race.

From this vantage point, I would see her pass three times in front of me and once behind me at the finish line on the football field.


This was a huge district meet with 32 schools participating with over 1225+ registered runners in four races!

The meet started with a coaches meeting.


And then it was time for the first race, Sassy’s race.  Sassy’s group had almost 400 girls in it!

They started at the other end of the campus, crossing the ball fields before heading into the trees.



Such an exciting sight to see!



They circled up through the woods before looping back down on the other side of this first treeline.

I totally missed getting a picture of her finish, but she was in the top 20% overall.  It was a hot day to run and all of the kids headed towards the drinking fountain/station as soon as they finished.



How was your weekend?



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