A First! Cactus

Good morning, Friends!  Hope all is well with you.

Last week I tried cactus for the first time.  We were at a new-to-us restaurant that labels itself as authentic Mexican.  When we noticed cactus on the menu, we had to know more.  We asked our waiter what kind of cactus it was.  His reply?  Not the pokey kind.  Well, okay then.  Serve it up!


I thought it looked a lot like green beans.  It was prepared spicier than I would have imagined.  And it had a vinegar/pickled flavor.  I liked it!  I took the leftovers of it home for my girls to try.  OMG Becky took the world’s smallest bite and then spit it out.   Typical for her palette.  Sassy tried a couple of bites.  She thought it was just okay.

Stella the Boxer has really adjusted to her new life.

I think she likes it here.

Our trail runs are still a work in progress.

trail run

I woke up to a sweet, birthday surprise for my girls this morning!

birthday present

I want to rip it open right now, but my girls are STILL asleep.  Wake up babies!

Have you ever tried cactus?

When is your birthday month?

Do you like surprises?


6 thoughts on “A First! Cactus

  1. Kim

    Happy Birthday!!! So very sweet of your girls!!!
    I’ve never tried cactus – I’m not sure I could eat a whole bowl but I would be game to give it a try!


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