Longest Homecoming Day Ever

Saturday I had the privilege of chauffeuring OMG Becky around for her day of Homecoming festivities.  As soon as I got home from work a little after 1:00 PM, I had to change clothes and go pick up the flowers for both her and her date.  Next up was a stop to wash and vacuum my car.

Our first stop on what would be the longest Homecoming day ever, was my parents house.  OMG Becky’s date met us there with this dad and brother.  Love, love, love the color of her dress!


See the boutineer?  We tried, unsuccessfully, no less than five times to pin that to his shirt.  Why does it have to be so hard?!


After taking pictures there, we went to my brother’s to take pictures with my niece and her date.



His community had a lovely rose garden perfect for pictures.


Love OMG Becky’s shoes, too!  Glitter, peek-a-boo sling back heels.  Wish they were my size!

After that photo session, we went back to my parents’ house to drop off Sassy for the evening.  Next up was our trail.  OMG Becky’s date wanted to see where we ran and take a few pictures there.

Then it was on to meet at one of OMB Becky’s friend’s house before going on to a location they had picked for group photos.


As you can see in the background of this photo, our group was not the only one to think of this place.  It was packed with other kids in their finest.



After pictures, we headed to Carrabba’s for dinner.  I had the privilege of sitting with three other moms at a table next to the kids.  I’m pretty sure the kids would have preferred to have us sitting farther away!  I’m not sure where they time went, but we were there for over two hours!  It did not feel like that long at all.

Then it was time for the main event!  I took my carload of kids to the school for the actual homecoming dance.  I picked up Sassy and went home thinking I wouldn’t hear from them again for another two hours when the dance was over at 10:00 PM.  I was wrong.  Barely an hour later, I got the call to come get them.  The dance was a bust.  Apparently, no one was dancing because of the music selections being played and there were long pauses between the songs.

Sassy and I picked up OMG Becky and her date, we stopped for ice cream and then back to our house to watch a movie before taking her date home in time for his curfew.  We didn’t get home until almost 11:30 PM.  I was exhausted!

I do not remember Homecoming being such a big deal when I was in high school.  In fact, no one even went to the Homecoming dances at our school.  We only went to see our friends in the Homecoming court and then would leave.  And the Homecoming court were the only people really dressed up.  It certainly wasn’t an all day affair.  Of course, at that time, the dance was on the same day as the football game.  Now the game is the night before.  I guess that lends more opportunity to make the dance a more grand affair.

Either way, the kids all looked lovely and it was a lot of fun to be a part of.  The other moms and I were talking at dinner about how this is the last year we will get to be such a big part of the day.  Next year, all of our kids will be legal drivers and not need us.  That makes me sad.


6 thoughts on “Longest Homecoming Day Ever

  1. Diana

    So nice to see COLOR in those dresses! I distinctly remember showing up to my 10th grade homecoming in red, and I was the only girl not wearing black or dark blue. I guess times have changed! (Not to mention hemlines LOL) Sounds like an exhausting day – but fun! I guess I have this to look forward to in 11 years with my own daughter?? Eek! =)


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