Best Moment in My Sports Life

Last weekend marked the last MLB game here.  We still had ticket vouchers we had bought for a fundraiser and needed to be used.  Our local team has been doing great this season and tickets were getting harder to come by.  Our team was in the wild card race.  I stopped by the stadium earlier in the week to trade our vouchers for tickets for the final home game.  I was glad I did because a couple of the games that weekend sold out!  The weather was perfect for an afternoon baseball game!

(All pictures in this post were taken by OMG Becky.  I had gotten my new phone/camera the day before and just had a screen protector applied that morning.  It required a wet application that takes 24 hours to dry.  I was instructed not to put the phone in my pocket or purse during that time.  I thought it would probably be best to leave the phone at home!)

MLB stadium

We arrived with about an hour to spare, knowing the crowds would be larger than normal and to meet up with the girls’ dad.  He was attending the game too and the girls were sitting with him.  I sat with my parents and nephew.  It was fun to see all the tailgaters before the game.  We are used to seeing huge crowds tailgating hours before our NFL games, but this was the most tailgaters I had seen at a baseball game.  I hope it becomes a growing tradition!

Sassy hitched a ride with her cousin.

Hand holding.  Ah!

MLB stadium

MLB stadium

I think this was the highest attended MLB game I have ever been to at this stadium.  It was awesome to have such a large crowd cheering on our home team!

MLB stadium

We ended the ninth inning in a tie.  Nail-bitter!  The visiting team didn’t score in the 10th so on to the bottom of the inning we went.  And this is when it got really exciting!

MLB stadium

We had bases loaded, two outs and a full count on the batter.  Can you say suspenseful?!  We were all on our feet cheering, knowing we just needed ONE run!  The batter swung and connected with the ball.  And the ball?  It took a ride!  All the way to the left field!  And!  AND!?  Over the wall!!!!  GRAND SLAM to win the game!  And the crowd goes WILD!!  Such an exciting moment!  Seriously the most exciting sports moment I have ever witnessed in person.

I so wish we had a picture of the excitement on the field as the batter came home.  It involved all the team on the field and was awesome to see!

What is the most exciting sports moment you have ever witnessed?


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