New Running Pardner, New Baby & New Phone

This the first of a few posts to catch you up on our last couple of weeks here in September.

First was the saddest of all.  My parents closed their pool for the season.

pool cover

It’s still been warm here the last couple of weeks, but the acorns are dropping like crazy and leaves are starting to fall.  No fun for the pool boy/girl.

Covering the pool required all hands on deck.  Or sometimes feet on deck to hold it in place while my dad filled the water weights to place around the end of the cover.  Even more fun was the wind that wanted to push the cover all over the place.  Good times.

A couple of our helpers taking a much-needed football break.

I took Stella the Boxer on her first trail run!  She did pretty good.  Only cut in front of me once.  And only stopped in front of me once.  She’s funny when we are doing our warm-up, she is very much like a hound dog with her nose to the ground.

We came across a female runner swatting in the woods on this first run.  A first for both of us!  I heard her first and saw moment just off the side of the trail.  My first thoughts were, “uh oh, whatever that is, it is big!”  Then I realized it was a woman popping a swat.  My next thought was, “Please don’t let Stella go nuts barking and embarrassing that runner.”  Luckily, if I tell her to “leave it,” she does and just moves on.  Couldn’t ask for a more obedient dog!

I tried to take a photo of the two of us after the run to commemorate it.  No go.  We are still working on our selfie skills.

Sweaty Betty!

One very tired dog after our run.

tired dog

My newest niece was born in early September.  She is too cute!


She had to stay in the NICU for a couple of weeks because she was born five weeks early.  We are so happy to have her home now!  This was Sassy’s first time meeting her.  I think she’s in love.

I got a new phone!  i have had problems with my previous phone since I got it last fall.  My phone company had sent me replacement phones twice, but the problem with the phone was an issue that kept occurring with each “new” phone.  Previous company knew it was an issue and that I needed a completely different phone, but only offered me 25% off a new phone.  No thanks.  I jump ship and took my business to a new phone company.  And that meant a brand new, working phone!

I have the new iPhone 5C.  Are you digging my phone case?  The store only had three cases to choose from.  I am on the hunt for one I like better.

I am still trying to figure out this phone since the only other Apple product I own is an iPod Shuffle.  Maybe you can help me with this!  See the red recording line at the top?…  It appeared when I tried to do a voice memo and now it won’t go away.  How the heck do I get it to disappear?

Catch me up!  What’s been going on with you?


2 thoughts on “New Running Pardner, New Baby & New Phone

  1. Kim

    I’ve had an iPhone for years but not the 5C – is it really cool? (I just got the 5 in December so no upgrades for awhile). I don’t know why that red line is there – I always give my phone to one of the boys when I can’t figure something out!!

  2. Whine Less Post author

    I will have to see if my girls know what to do with that red line. I’m not sure how cool my phone is. I am still trying to figure it all out. Honestly, at this point, I think the Android system is a lot more user friendly.


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