Friday Fit Fix

I know I have been MIA lately.  And if I didn’t already know, I would because OMG Becky made it a point to tell me I have been slacking on my posting this week.  Thank you, OMG Becky.  She keeps me on my toes.  😉

The reason for my absence?  Work.  I have been working double my usual number of hours these few weeks.  Great for my paycheck!  Not so great for anything else in my life.  The girls, of course, are priority and I am lucky enough to be able to work my schedule around their activities.  I am sad to say Sassy’s cross country season is already half over.

cross country girl

We have really been enjoying it.  So fun to see her improve at every race!  Now if I could just talk OMG Becky into joining a cross country team…


I love Sassy’s pink team shirt!  The girls on the team wanted pink and somehow talked the boys into picking it, too.  They wear the shirts and matching socks to school on days of their meets.  And the back?…


Less boomtastic is this week’s workout recap;

  • Friday – This started as a trail run.  Stella the Boxer and I took a new to us trail.  Or should I say hill.  It was all downhill one way.  Stella the Boxer has a thing for pulling on her leash on hills.  As in about to rip my hand off pulling.  Our run turned into a power struggle walk.  Down the very long hill and then back up.  Fun for all.  (Can you sense my sarcasm?)
  • Saturday – Rest day from fitness, but not from work.
  • Sunday – Total rest day!  Except for that MLB game we went to.  Walking from the parking lot to the stadium and stadium stairs count, right?…
  • Monday – Rest day.
  • Tuesday – Back at it!  Trail run with Stella the Boxer on one of my favorite local trails.  Fewer hills.  Yeah!
  • Wednesday – Rest day.
  • Thursday – Trail run with OMG Becky and Stella the Boxer.  Best run I’ve had in a while!

That Just Happened!  What happened in your fitness this week?


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