Run, Sassy, Run!

Earlier this week was Sassy’s very first cross country meet.  I was so excited for her.  Well, and let’s be honest, me.  I had never been to a cross country meet before!  I couldn’t wait to see one.  Her first meet was at another school and featured five schools competing.  It was chilly (we wore jeans and jackets) and sprinkling (we forgot our umbrellas!).

When we first arrived, it was a bit overwhelming.  My dad, OMG Becky and I weren’t quite sure where the starting line was, where the course was, where we were suppose to stand or where the finish was.  It just looked like people everywhere!

cross country meet

We walked around a bit and were able to answer our questions by watching other people and asking a few others.  We positioned ourselves near the finish, once we found out they would be running through that area twice.  It seemed like a good place to observe and cheer.

Sassy’s group lined up and then they fired the starting gun and the girls were off!

cross country meet start line

First they ran diagonally across a football field.  And then around the edge of the schools property.

cross country meet

Can you see them along the treeline?

Then they looped back up.  Here comes Sassy!

cross country runner

Run, Sassy, run!

cross country runner

Look at my girl rocking her race!

cross country runner

And her BIC Bands black sparkle headband, of course!

She had a good race and I know she was glad to have the first meet of the season under her belt.  And her school won the meet!

Yesterday was the second meet.  The weather conditions were the exact opposite of the first meet.  It was sunny, 93 degrees with humidity making it feel like 99 degrees.  Mercy.

This was an invitational with 14 schools participating.  I had to do that math on that.  It means about 500 kids were competing in eight races (four girl races, four boy races.)  It looked a bit chaotic when I arrived.  Parents everywhere and kids walking the course.

cross country meet

I immediately found another parent to ask about the course, trying to find the best viewing point.  I found a spot that allowed me to see her pass me twice and allowed me to get down to the finish line before she did.

The girls lined up…

cross country meet

And they were off charging up the hill!

cross country meet

It was such a moving cluster!

cross country meet

I couldn’t find her in the crowd.  I just kept taking pictures, hoping I would spot her in them later.

cross country meet


Then they ran down around the edge of this field.

cross country meet

Then they had a nice downhill.  Sassy was right in the thick of it!

cross country meet

Lots of zig-zagging…

cross country meet

Then down around that field…

cross country meet

And into the finish line!

cross country meet

I have a confession.  I feel comfortable sharing it here with you, my friends.  I got emotional at both track meets when the first runners came in.  I am so happy for them and know how hard they have worked!

Here comes Sassy!

 6f7tI4 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

We should find out times today, but I think she did better at her second meet than her first.

During my spectating, I found a race shirt I liked.

race shirtMay the course be with you

I want!

I love that Sassy is running cross country.  I hope she wants to continue doing it for years to come.  I can’t wait to watch her grow as a runner!


5 thoughts on “Run, Sassy, Run!

  1. Kim

    WooHoo!! I love watching my boys (and all of the runners) at cross country meets. I tend to get emotional, too and I cheer for everyone not just our team. (years of running CC!!)
    Glad that you and Sassy are both enjoying it! Maybe we will be at the same meet – if you see Washburn Rural Middle School then we are there!!


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