Stella’s First Walk

On Sunday the OMG Becky and I took Sassy and Stella to the park we explored a couple of weeks ago.

dog on walk, boxer

As soon as we arrived, I realized I had forgotten my phone/camera at home.  All pictures in this post are courtesy of OMG Becky.

This time we headed the to the opposite side of the lake.



The weather was cooler than last time, but it looked like it might rain at any moment.  It had poured a few times earlier that day.  I think because of that, the lake wasn’t very busy at all this time.


I made a mistake.  I thought because it was cooler, I would be lazy and not change into workout clothes.  I should have changed.  It was so humid, I was sweating!  Yuck.

Stella seemed really interested in the lily pads.

There were also several water turtles sunning themselves on that area.

lily pads

lily pads

We found a clever homecoming invitation in the woods.

Kids seem to make such a bigger production of those things now.  OMG Becky’s friend asked her by making a necklace with shells he found in Florida last month and spelling out “Homecoming” on them.  <Insert “ahhs” here.>

Stella loved the trail!  She also really loved some Canadian geese we found along the edge of the lake.  Oh goodness.  We are working really hard on learning what “leave it” means.  Overall, she did really great walking.  I even had OMG Becky practice running with her.  She is an even better running partner!

I think her favorite part of the trail was what we found at the end.

dog water fountain

A doggie water fountain!

After we got home and I tried to figure out how far we had walked, I discovered there is a dog park right next to this lake.  Not sure how we missed it, but we will have to visit it next time for sure!

How does your dog do at a dog park?  I’m nervous about taking Stella!


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