Introducing Stella the Boxer

If you follow me on Instagram, and let’s face it, you really should, you know we adopted a dog earlier this week.

Stella the Boxer

This is Stella the Boxer and she is pretty darn awesome!  Stella is a 10-month old that was owner released at a local no-kill shelter.  She was brought to the shelter on Friday, we saw and fell in love with her on Sunday, but before we could bring her home she had to be spayed.  She had surgery on Tuesday and we officially adopted her on Wednesday.

Stella the Boxer

Stella the Boxer

I think she tired of OMG Becky taking pictures of her.

Stella the Boxer

Her owners didn’t give too much information about her.  The reason they gave for turning her in was that they had recently moved and she was suddenly having accidents in the house.   Well yeah, moving can be stressful.  And honestly, I don’t know how true the reason is because she has been with us (new house and new people!) for three days now and she has not had one accident.  She is one of the most well-behaved dogs I have ever met.  She’s very smart and listens very well.

She’s kind of in love with the girls already.  She has to be with one of them constantly.  It’s probably because they love on her nonstop.

Stella the Boxer

Stella is so cute with her habit of having a body part on you at all times.

Stella the Boxer

This photo cracks me up because it is the beginning of Stella licking the screen of OMG Becky’s iPad and Becky reacting to it!

Stella the Boxer

Stella already knows what it means when she sees a school bus coming.  She either starts crying because she knows the girls are getting on it to leave her or she gets really excited knowing the girls are getting off of it.  And then she starts the rear end wiggle.  So cute to watch!

Sassy really wants Stella to sleep with her, but Stella still has stitches from her surgery and Sassy moves A LOT in her sleep.  We are a bit concerned she might accidentally hurt Stella in her sleep so no sleeping with her for another week.  But that doesn’t mean Stella doesn’t take full advantage of the fact that the girls let her up on their beds.

Stella the Boxer

OMG Becky was not happy with her yesterday because Stella managed to get her bedroom door open and jump into bed with her, waking her up 15 minutes early for school.  Ha!

Her relationship with the cats is another story.  They tested her for cat aggression at the shelter and she did fine.  We are slowly introducing her to our cats.  She tends to want to pounce on them.  The cats don’t’ like it so much so we are being very careful with their time together.  I’m sure they will all be able to co-exist soon enough.

So why the name Stella?  Her previous didn’t even care enough about her to give the shelter her name.  How sad is that?  The shelter had given her a name for the few days she was there and then we renamed her something similar.  I like old-fashioned plain names for animals.

We haven’t been able to take her on any hikes or runs yet due to the stitches.  She has to take it easy until they dissolve in about another another six days.  I am so looking forward to spending time on the trails with her!

Do you have a dog that you hike or run with?


13 thoughts on “Introducing Stella the Boxer

  1. Catherine

    Omg! You do tealize that in the movie rocky he yelled adrianne not stella. Stella is from streetcar named desire! Omg. Should your dogs name be stella or adrianne???

      1. Catherine

        Stella is a darling name. I love it. I just thought it was funny about the movie. That is something i would do. I dont think adrianne would be a very good dogs name anyway. Lol. FL is still wicked hot and humid! Running now is just for fun def not for speed, at least for me, im not speedy anyway. I enjoy your blog. The name really hooked me. Have a great day! Cath

  2. FogDogStudios

    I just ran across your blog and although I am not a runner, I admire those that do! I am a huge Boxer dog fan and am so glad you rescued sweet little Stella. She is the cutest thing! They are such loving family dogs!


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