Very Important News & Question

Labor Day, Sassy and I felt a bit festive so we hit up a local festival.  This four-day festival has been around as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid, we would go every single year.  It always marked the end of summer for us kids since school started the day after the end of the festival.

It features a concert series, carnival, festival food, beer garden, wine garden, activities, craft tents and vendors.  It’s huge!  I actually hadn’t been since OMG Becky was a baby.  I had never been with Sassy.  It’s usually just too hot, humid and crowded for me to really enjoy it.  This year Sassy and I decided we wanted to check it out on Monday after the temps and humidity took a dive.  We went right after they opened, hoping the crowds wouldn’t be too bad.

festival tents

The tents were crowded, but not too bad.

festival tent

Though this tent had a long line just to get in it.  We went through it, but I never did see anything that caused the line.


After the tents, Sassy wanted a treat in the form of a Hawaiian ice sno cone.

sno cone food truck

You know I don’t see the attraction of these things, but she sure enjoyed her Wedding cake-flavored treat.

sno cone

I wanted something a bit less icy.

frozen lemonade

Like a frozen lemonade!  Looks similar to a sno cone but more like an Orange Julius drink.  Yum!

Before leaving we thought we would pick up something to take home to share with OMG Becky.  Fresh apple fritters it was!

cook apple fritters

Look at how big those things are!  We got a six-pack and they were awesome!

After the festival, OMG Becky and I had a bit of shopping to do.  Target was on our list.  OMG Becky had to look at the clothes even though they were not on our list.  She thought this shirt was pretty funny.

toy story shirt

But she really wanted this one!  Meow.

cat sweater

I honestly thought she was joking when she asked me to buy it for her!  I thought it was more appropriate for an ugly sweater party, but nope, she was really digging it.  Sometimes our tastes really vary.  LOL!

After shopping, it was pool time!


It was all pretty laid back with my daughters, parents, my youngest brother, his wife, his daughter and another nephew.

The most exciting part was Hoppy jumping off the diving board.

diving board

And then it got interesting!

My younger brother showed up.  There was what appeared to be a brotherly hug.

brotherly hug

But I knew something else was about to happen!

Yep, sure enough it was soon apparent youngest brother was trying to throw younger brother into the pool.  He needed a bit of help so my nephew (his own son!) joined in.

They tried and tried, but just didn’t have the manpower to get the job done.  They even tried to get my dad to help them, but he knew better and stayed clear of their roughhousing.

And then it happened.  There was a causality to all this silliness…

My younger brother’s flip-flop broke!  And then we had to listen to him whine about how he was going to walk home with a broken flip-flop.  Ha!  For the record he lives a whole five houses away.

And then it got funnier.  He then went over to sit down to examine the flip-flop.  For whatever reason, instead of sitting on one of the six chairs behind him or even the concrete step, he choose to sit on the storage bin (in front of the brick fireplace).  Bad decision.  That lid was not meant as a seat for anyone, let alone a grown man.  You guessed it.  The lid caved in.  We were all rolling!  I was laughing too hard to even get a picture!

But don’t feel bad for him.  My dad fixed him up with a bit of duct tape to repair the show for his long walk home.  It lasted about four seconds on his foot before breaking again.  Insert more laughter!

Our day of fun didn’t end there.  A few hours later, my sister-in-law’s water broke!  She was a few weeks early, but gave birth to a healthy, baby girl early Tuesday morning!  She is just adorable with spiky, dark hair that is out of control.  I can’t wait for her to come home so we can all spoil her rotten!  We are so excited to welcome her into our family.  This is grandchild number 15 for my parents!

And now I have a very important question for you.

I need to return my Saucony Ride 6 shoes.  They are beautiful, but my shins hate them.  Now I can exchange them for another pair of shoes.  Or I can exchange them for a Garmin.  

What should I do?  Shoes or Garmin?


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