Hikes, Lakes and Maybe a Dog

On Sunday, OMG Becky and I went in search of a new adventure.  Someone told me about some great trails in a reserve not too far from us.  We found a fishing lake next to the reserve,…


But no trails.

We drove around the entire reserve looking for the trailhead.  We found another lake.


Walked the perimeter of it and its parking area…


No trailhead.

The only other area we found was a trailhead for the horseback riding trail and it was packed.  Horses everywhere!  We decided Sunday was not our day to hike that trail.  Guess I need to get more details and or do more research next time.

But we were not to be defeated!  We were dressed and ready for a hike and a hike we would have!  We headed next to another lake park that we had seen from the interstate many times.  And I knew where the start of the trail was!

We were pretty excited when we found the trail immediately.  I was excited to see many forks in the trail.  I thought it meant many hikes in the future for us.  Nope.  It meant several trails all heading to the same place, the lake.  Oh well.


It was a very nice, wide, paved trail with about 3/4 of it in the shady, woods.  We saw several other people on the trail and also around the lake fishing.  We even saw a family with a couple of remote control boats out on the lake.  They were so fast and fun to watch!

“Come on, Mom!”


Sadly, we didn’t get the memo about how to dress for this park…




OMG Becky thought this flower was pretty and wanted me to show it to you.

We came upon this ramp and wondered where it went…

dock ramp

It lead down to a dock!


We wanted to go down to it, but there was a family enjoying a picnic lunch and we didn’t want to disturb them.  Next time!


Cicada (or a bird?) mid-flight!


There are a couple of houses that back up to this park.  I was in awe at the number of birdhouses in this backyard.

marlin gourd birdhouse

This is two of the three poles with gourd birdhouses they have.  I think they are to attract marlins.  Either way, very cool!

We really enjoyed this park!  I can’t wait to take Sassy back to check it out.  And I think it would be a great place to run!  It was also dog-friendly, with a few pet poo bag stations along the trail.  Sadly, we didn’t see any dogs, so we went to visit some.

I think I mentioned here that we have been checking out the local animal shelters to see if there is a dog out there that is a good fit for our family.  Well, Sunday we may have found one!


This is one of the dogs that caught our eye.  She is a boxer that had come into the shelter only two days prior.  But she was shaking and not wanting to come off her bed, even though she watched us intently.  After talking to the staff about our home and needs (energetic, hands-on kids and cats), they actually suggested the dog above.  We were willing to take her out to a playard for a meet and greet.

It was amazing!  She was such a different dog outside!  Come to find out, she was just terrified of all the other dogs barking inside.  Once we were outside, she was loving on us nonstop!  She kept coming over to stand next to me and had to be touching me the entire time.  She also tried to crawl into OMG Becky’s lap several times!  She was not bothered by other dogs that were in the adjoining playard.  She would occasionally walk over to see what the other dog was doing, but then immediately come back over to see us.  So sweet!  She is less than a year old and has a lot of love to give.

We think she may be the one for us, but need to check out a couple of things first.  We are going back to see her today (they were closed yesterday) with Sassy to make sure they like each other.  We also need to make certain she is okay with cats by testing her with cats at the shelter a few times.  Either way, we are making a final decision today!

Sassy is very excited to meet her and sorry she missed out on it Sunday, but she was off having fun of her own.  She had spent Saturday night with my older brother and his daughter, Telly.  They had enjoyed Saturday boating on his lake and then an amusement and water park on Sunday.


(Photo stolen from my mom’s Instagram. No shame.)

She was exhausted by the time she got home late Sunday night!

Have you gotten to explore any new trails lately?

How did you spend your Saturday/Sunday?

Tell me about your dog!


4 thoughts on “Hikes, Lakes and Maybe a Dog

  1. Lindsey @ Happy or Hungry

    Aw, that looks like a fun way to spend the last weekend before back-to-school time. I love discovering new trails. I spent my Saturday camping and my Sunday laying around my couch doing nothing 🙂 Recovery time, you know. We found a pretty cool trail at the back of our campsite, but it didn’t go very far. Disappointing, but I was alright with just sitting around the fire and eating.

    Every time I read “OMG Becky” it makes me laugh.


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