How Did I Miss August?

Seriously, August must have been a couple of weeks shorter this year.  We spent the first half of the month getting the girls ready to go back to school and then the last half trying to get into a routine.  It flew by!  This resulted in less than usual posting for me.  I know this was upsetting for you.  Please try to contain yourself.  😉

Here are a few loose ends from the past week or so that I never got around to posting.

My dad went zip lining!  Pretty sure this was a first from him.  I am super jealous!  I have never zip lined before, but it is on my bucket list.

zip line

And I know you want to blame that blurry photo on my crappy photography skills, but for once you can’t.  My mom took the picture.  And it’s actually a picture of a picture.  🙂

I finally got my hand on some watermelon Nunn!

watermelon nuun

It is one of my new favorite flavors!

Produce makes me happy.


Almost as good as fresh produce?  Roasted produce!

roasted vegetables

Squash, zucchini, jicama, yellow bell pepper, sweet onion and mushrooms!  Yum.

I found a new-to-me Lemondrop Melon!

lemondrop melon

I can’t wait to try it!  I’ll let you know what I think.

I also thought it was time to invest in some reusable produce bags.

reusable produce bag

I felt bag considering all the produce bags I go through every week.  These makes my conscience feel better.

We tried a new Firehouse Subs restuarant location this week.

firehouse sub

All was going well until I tried using my fork as a pickle spear holder.  It worked for a couple of bites and then my pickle jumped off the fork and onto the floor.

So sad.  I had saved my pickle for last!

pickle spear

That or my fork threw the pickle off of it.

plastic fork

Betrayed by my own fork.

You may have noticed, I have not been enjoying my runs lately.  I’m not entirely sure what my problem is, but I think a large part of it is I am running way too much on the treadmill.  I don’t like it too much, but I really don’t like running in the neighborhoods hear.  They are just too busy,  there aren’t many sidewalks, people don’t watch where they are going, and I simply don’t want to run there.

I want to be in the woods, on the trails.  But I am too scared to run there alone again.  I did it twice.  The first time I was a nervous wreck and wasn’t able to really enjoy the run.  The second time, I broke my ankle.  But I know the woods are where I want to be.

Solution?  Pepper spray.

pepper spray

(Instagram: WhineLessBreatheMore)

I just picked it up and can’t wait to hit the trails with it!  I am really hoping it gives me a sense of comfort.  And that I don’t accidentally spray myself.

Do you notice anything different in this photo?…


(Instagram: WhineLessBreatheMore)

I got to downgrade to a less supportive ankle brace!  It’s a much thinner, lighter neoprene slip-on brace.  Good-bye old pain-in-the-rear, lace-up brace!  I get to wear this one for two months and then I should be brace-free!  Happy days!

Have you ever zip lined before? Tell me about it!

Have you tried the Lemondrop Melon?

Do you run with pepper spray?


6 thoughts on “How Did I Miss August?

  1. Lisa

    I totally missed August too…. it went way too fast! Love those reusable produce bags, I have those too. I would like to think that produce makes everyone happier.

  2. Kim

    Those reusable produce bags are awesome – I usually don’t even put my produce in a bag because I feel bad that I’m just going to take it home and throw the bag away.
    Hopefully having the pepper spray helps you to feel comfortable running on the trails by yourself again!

  3. Liz @ The Girl on Fire Now

    Ermagersh zip lining is so fun! You feel like you are flying and some of the obstacles are super fun (think cargo nets, etc!) 😀 GO NOW!
    Yay for running on trails! The only trail I have ever run on is super hilly and super hard, so not one of my faves. I would carry pepper spray, but I am on the small side so someone could easily take it from me and use it against me. Good thing I’m a fast sprinter! 😉


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