Friday Fit Fix

Or as I fondly call it, Suck Week.

  • Friday – Yoga class
  • Saturday – Treadmill run
  • Sunday – No official exercise, but I did work cleaning and reorganizing my laundry/storage room for seven hours.  Yes, SEVEN.  I think that counts as a workout because I was exhausted.
  • Monday – Rest day
  • Tuesday – Treadmill run
  • Wednesday – Slacker day
  • Thursday – Slacker day two because one was not enough.  Actually, I had planned to work out after work, before my daughter’s curriculum night but forgot I had to take other daughter to buy supplies for a class due the next day.  Poor planning on my part.


If only it was that easy!

How was your fitness this week?


4 thoughts on “Friday Fit Fix

  1. Kim

    No skinny jeans for me – my hips don’t really fit well into those skinny things. But, I love that eeCard!!!
    And, I would say that 7 hours of cleaning and reorganizing definitely counts as a workout!!!


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