Sunday of Surprises

My Sunday started upside down.  Literally.

I went in to wake Sassy up for church and I found her upside down in her bed.  Sassy has always talked and moved around a lot in her sleep.  I shouldn’t have been surprised to see her feet on her pillow where her head should have been.

After church, we immediately headed out to run errands.  Sassy is suddenly unable to wear most of her shoes.  Some she just got over the summer!  Ugh.  And OMG Becky is on the hunt for the perfect shoes to match her Homecoming dress.

But first, we needed fuel.


Is it wrong that our three donuts are so big, they almost fill up a box usually meant for a dozen donuts?  I didn’t think so either.

Next up was a stop at Starbucks where Sassy bought me a latte!  She even offered to buy OMG Becky one, but she declined the offer.  Color me surprised by both of them.  Sassy had three gift cards burning a hole in her pocket.  She also bought my dad a special edition magazine.  She knew he had been eyeing it and wanted to surprise him with it.  Of course, when they rang it up, she realized it was three times the usual price of a magazine due to it being a special edition.  But, she was okay with that and still walked away with money left on one gift card.  Such a sweet, giving girl.

After errands, we went to my parents house for lunch.  I had to bring my own veggie patty because someone else (not mentioning any names!) got distracted by the ice cream when he/she went down the frozen foods aisle to get my patty.

grill food

Can you tell which one is mine?  I love MorningStar Farms Mushroom Lover’s Burgers!

Don’t worry, my patty had its own meat-free spatula.  🙂

While we waited for the rest of the family to arrive, the girls and I dipped our feet in the pool.  It was hot out and the water felt so good!

feet in pool

Ha!  We still had our church clothes on!

I tried to get OMG Becky to look at me for a picture.  It was a bit too bright out.

After lunch, OMG Becky and I went home to get some chores done.  Mine goal was to reorganize my laundry room.  Hers included homework.  I’m not sure which was the lesser of those two evils.

Soon we received a call we had been waiting for.  Dessert was ready at my parents house!

homemade ice cream

Homemade chocolate ice cream!  And.It.Was.Good.

Meanwhile, in the 2 minutes it took us to get there, Sassy had eaten her ice cream and was already to jump back in the pool.  I think she looks like she has a lion’s mane in this photo!


Are you an active sleeper like Sassy?  Once I’m asleep, I’m out.  Unless I’m sick, then I talk in my sleep.  And if I’m really sick, I sleepwalk.


8 thoughts on “Sunday of Surprises

  1. Liz @ The Girl on Fire Now

    I can be really “out”. On a bus trip home from Canada, I fell asleep and wouldn’t wake up when my friends were calling my name – in broad daylight – and my teacher was coming back to make sure I was still breathing

  2. Kim

    I don’t think I talk in my sleep. I could be like my youngest son and say – how would I know, I’m asleep. (his response when I ask how he slept)
    BTW – thanks for the heads up on my new blog with the double typed line!!!!


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