Dinner Date

On the way home from work Saturday, I stopped at my favorite grocery store for a few ingredients for dinner.  We were expecting a dinner guest.

trader joe's groceries

Oh Trader Joe’s, you always have the best surprises!


I took the long way home.  Sometimes I just like to take my time and enjoy the journey.  This is the longest hill I know of around here.

long hill

This photo does not do it justice.  So far, so long.

After dropping the groceries off at home, Sassy and I went to the gym.  Summer has FINALLY arrived here (read humidity, high temps and higher heat index!) and we both wanted to run.  That meant taking it inside.

And my run?  Pretty darn good considering the less than lackluster runs I’ve had lately.  How appropriate the last song of my run was this one.

Exactly, Jay-Z!  I’m on to the next one!  Run, that is.  Seems like I have been stuck on the same day of my training program forever.

After the gym, I dropped Sassy off at my parents.  She was ready for a swim, but first she had to help vacuum the pool.

vacuum pool

vacuum pool

And I went back home to prepare for our dinner guest.  At the store, these beauties caught my eye.  I love fresh flowers in the house!

trader joe's flowers

Somewhere during the move from Oregon to here, I seem to have lost my vases.  I made the best of the situation.

And then our guest arrived, OMG Becky’s friend, Chad!

make dinner

We immediatly got to the task of making dinner.  OMG Becky made the pasta, Chad made the bread and I made the salad.

Four Cheese Rosa Penne Rigate, Olive Demi Baquette, and Caprese Salad.

This meal was inspired by few things.  I was gifted the tomatoes and basil from a client’s garden that morning.  I immediately thought of the Caprese salad!  I also knew OMG Becky’s friend is a growing, teenage boy.  He can eat.  A lot.  So I knew whatever we made would need to be in a large quantity.  And what goes better with Caprese salad?  Pasta, of course!  So good.

After dinner and a movie, the kids made dessert.  Can you guess what they are making?…

English coffee!

homemade English toffee


Now I am off to research a new dryer.  Mine seems to do everything but dry my clothes.  Yesterday after babying it along for six hours and only getting two loads dried, I decided it was probably time for an upgrade in that domestic department.  Joy.

Who was your last dinner guest?

What was your favorite meal over the weekend?


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