Jealous of My Own Daughter

Because she gets all the cool stuff!  Let me explain.

Sassy joined the cross country team at her school last week!  I have never even been to a cross country meet, but I can’t wait to go!  She was going to play fall softball, but decided to try cross country instead.  I couldn’t be more proud!  I’ve told you before, she is a natural runner.  Her coach complimented her on her form at the very first practice.  Awesome!

I took her to my favorite local running store to be properly fitted for a pair of running shoes.  We had never done this before because she had never run on a regular basis.  Plus, her feet seem to grow every month.  I am not even joking about that.  But her team practices five days a week and I want her to avoid injury.

She was a bit overwhelmed by the choices at first!  She wanted to try on all the bright shoes.  Like mother, like daughter!

running shoe store

Of course, once her stride was evluated, her choices were narrowed down greatly.  We discovered she has a mild overpronator.  Then he measured her foot.  Mercy, she is currently just half a size smaller than me!  And she hasn’t even hit her growth spurt yet!  I panicked and asked the sales clerk how large of sizes they carry.  He said up to size 13.  We may need them!

Sassy then tried on seven different shoes to see what felt best on her foot.  She narrowed it down to her favorite three.  Saucony, Asics, and Mizuno.  Then two, Asics and Mizuno.  And then just one…

Asics Women's GT-2000

Asics GT-2000.  My girl is an Asics lover, just like her momma!  Mind you, she had no idea what shoes I favor.  She just picked what felt best for her.

We have already traded out the standard laces for some brighter, Lock Laces.  Sassy always seems to have trouble keeping her laces tied.  Not an issue with the Lock Laces!

lock laces

So pretty!  I want to try them out.  🙂

In addition to her shoes, we had to buy her a few new running outfits.  She only had two and needed three more because doing laundry once a week is more than enough for me, thank you very much.  She got some really cute stuff!  I love her new purple and pink shorts.  It’s probably a good thing we are not the same size or I would be borrowing them!

What was the last new piece of running gear you got?


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