Good, Good Days

Sunday contained some of my favorite things!



Several of us showed up for the same church service.  Love when that happens!  It was also a really great service, good sermon and some of my favorite songs.

And do you see Hoppy and Guy?  They are holding hands, as usual.  Makes my heart happy!

After church, Sassy and I went to the lake to hike.

workout with daughter

This girl always makes me happy.


And you know being in the woods always makes me happy.




There were more sailboats on the lake than I have ever seen!

sailboats on lake

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

OMG Becky had a pretty awesome Monday.  First I got this text from her.

Proud mommy moment!

That evening, we finally had the end of season party for her softball team.  Goodness, trying to get these girls to all look at the camera at the same time was a chore.

(photo credit to Sassy)

There was lots of really good pizza and a cookie cake.  Yummy!  I hadn’t been to this particular pizza place since an end of the year softball party of my own in high school.  Crazy, right?

Do you remember this team trophy they won at their last tournament?

The coach had a drawing for it and guess who won?  Yep, OMG Becky.  It’s new home is on her dresser in her room.

And then on the way home, we were treated to this pretty moon sight.


Today my oldest nephew is moving into his dorm at his university.  He’s a freshman!  Scary.  I am already thinking about care packages for him.

What should I put in his care package?


4 thoughts on “Good, Good Days

    1. Whine Less Post author

      LOL! He is a huge fan of cereal. Will eat it all day long. And I think that would be pretty cheap to ship. I totally forgot I have Amazon Prime! I can send buy it there and ship it free!


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