Playground Antics

Saturday, my nephew, Guy, came over for a few hours.  He is all energy, all the time!

bag on head


Shortly after taking this photo of him, Sassy put the bag on her head only to be tackled by Guy.  I don’t know what it is about him and tackling, but it seems to be an automatic thing he does when someone is distracted!  Later I was laying on my bed texting and he came running into my room and jumped on my back.  Oh mercy.

After hanging out of our house, we decided to go for a walk.  I wanted to take him for a hike, but didn’t have his booster seat.  So we thought we would just walk him back to my parents house.  They live a little less than a mile from us.  No less than two blocks into the walk, he asked if we were there yet.  OMG Becky told him we were about halfway there.  Ha!

Then he had shoe issues.

We had to stop while he took off his shoe, OMG Becky shook it out for him and then he tried to find whatever he imagined had fallen out of it.  Alrighty then.

Lucky for him, there is a playground along the route.  We stopped to hopefully burn off a little energy.

I think the slide scared him…

Someone else seemed to be enjoying herself, too.

OMG Becky had so much fun, she was beside herself!


I’m sure she is texting her friends to tell them how much fun they are missing out on.


Guy talked her into helping him.  I told him he was too little.

He didn’t listen and wanted to check for himself.

Maybe if she picks me up?…

Or maybe not.

I suppose these will work instead.

When it was time to go, he did not want to leave the playground.  Poor OMG Becky had to literally pick him up and carry him for a while.  Then he refused to walk again.  She bribed him with the promise of a cookie at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  That did the trick!

I don’t know if he ever got that cookie because by the time the girls and I walked back home, my mom sent me a text saying he had taken his bath and asked to go to bed.  He was asleep immediately.  Guess we did a good job of wearing him out for them!

What is your favorite thing to do at the playground?  Rock wall, if it’s available!

Did you do anything fun on Saturday?


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