Pool Dance Party

Yesterday my girls had an end of summer vacation pool party.  Just a few kids over for a couple of hours.  OMG Becky had her party first.

pool party


It was pretty laid back.  Lots of floating and chatting.  And eating.  They ate most of the snacks we put out for them.  Teenage boys amaze me with the amount of food they can consume.  Yikes.

Then we had an hour break before Sassy’s friends arrived.  Sassy got busy getting her snacks out.

party snacks


She had all girls over.  They were pretty silly.  Lots of shrieking and giggling.  And dancing.

Sometimes I wonder if she is really my daughter.

dance on diving board


I hate dancing, especially in public.  Sassy, on the other hand, will dance anywhere, anytime.

The girls attempted a synchronized jump into the pool.

LpqnyK on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Someone missed the final step.

Let’s try this again…

8R7iAF on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs



It was a fun way to spend the last day before school.

Then Sassy and I went to get her hair cut and the gym.  It was to be a run day for me, but my body/mind decided against it.  So I joined Sassy on the ellipticals.


Not the workout I had planned, but I got it done.

Uncle Si helped distract me.

Uncle Si


Did you watch the season premiere of Duck Dynasty last night?  We DVRed it to watch tomorrow!

How did you spend the last day of summer break?

Are you a public dancer?


4 thoughts on “Pool Dance Party

  1. Kim

    We just watched the season premier of Duck Dynasty tonight (love DVR!!).
    The pool parties look fun!
    And, I’m super impressed that you can make your own gifs!
    I rarely dance in public – there has to be some (quite a bit) of drinking involved first!!


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