Beetles, Spiders & Snakes, Oh My!

Saturday night the girls and I set out on an evening hike.  We are racing the sun, so it was a quick one.

I wanted a picture of the three of us before our hike.  OMG Becky was not cooperative and it took forever to talk her into a picture.  This should teach her to get on board a little quicker next time!


Yes, I am twelve years old.  Poor Sassy behaved and still didn’t get all the way in the photo.

I was rocking my usual non-matching outfit.

Green, hot pink, blue, coral?  Yes, please.

I have no idea what Sassy was doing here.  Other than showing off her amazing high step skills.

Or maybe my clashing clothes were burning her retinas and she couldn’t see to walk straight…  Around this time, I started Prancercising.  The girls had no idea what I was doing!  I tried telling them about it, but they thought I had lost my mind.  Please tell me you know what Prancercise is!?

Gift from OMG Becky.


I then threw it at her.  Don’t judge.  I mean seriously, was I suppose to hold it the entire hike, take it home and then do what with it?  Yep, didn’t think so.

Like I said, we were moving fast.  And I tend to walk fast anyway.  OMG Becky is always complaining her legs are too short to keep up with me.  Ha!  So I would walk my fast pace, the girls would fall behind and then come running to catch up.

On this trail, we cross over a creek that spills into the lake.  And for the first time ever, we saw fish in it!  A couple of the fish were a good 12″ long and several smaller fish, too.


I tried to take a picture of it, but couldn’t get a good shot.

This day we tried a new-to-us part of the trail.


OMG Becky was not a fan of it to start.  It was pretty dark section of trees to start.  She said it reminded her of the Wizard of Oz forest.  Ha!  Still have no idea where it comes out at.  We had to turn around and come back.

But we did see some interesting things along the way!  At one point, this nice-sized spider ran across in front of me.


And then a bit later, OMG Becky squealed because she almost stepped on this snake.


He was about 15-16″ long.

Once we turned around to head back to the trailhead, we saw the same snake still just hanging out.  And another spider just like the first one ran across the trail again.  We should probably install a spider crossing sign.  It seems to be a popular spot!

We also seemed to attract some sort of large, black flying insects we could not elude.  It had us sprinting several times.  This thing was not afraid to dive bomb our heads!  At one point, OMG Becky took off running and yelling, “I’m done!”

she gone

She gone.

When we caught up to her, she had made a new friend.


A beetle!  She would put her foot down and he would crawl under and out the other side.

By the time we were almost out of the woods, the sun was just about to set over the lake.

sunset over lake

The trees were glowing red from the light.

sunset at lake

Such a pretty night for a hike!

And then we were rewarded with this sight on the way home.  A doe with her twin fawns!

doe and twin fawns

Nature kind of rocks.

As soon as we got home, OMG Becky hit YouTube to find out a bit more about Prancersicing.

watch video

So fun.  She got an eyeful.  And if you need some tips on how to do it properly, you must watch this video!

Do you try to match your workout clothes?  Or are you a mismatched mess like me?


4 thoughts on “Beetles, Spiders & Snakes, Oh My!

  1. Kim

    I keep adding shoes to my running shoe/workout shoe collection so that I can semi coordinate my shoes and clothes.
    And that is too funny that you were prancersizing – the video I watched of it was hysterical!


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