School Prep

This week was pretty exciting for my girls.  They both got to go to their schools and pick up their class schedules for the new school year.  This meant waiting in several long lines with a few hundred other kids at two different schools.

long line

It was fun.

Good thing I brought back-up in the form of iced coffee!

iced coffee

After getting her schedule, Sassy wanted to try out her locker combo.

middle school locker

She got it after a couple of tries.  She was also pretty happy to have a top locker!

It’s been a busy week trying to get them both ready for school.

  • Think we are done clothes shopping.  Though we do need to take one shirt of OMG Becky’s back.  She somehow ended up with two very similar shirts the same color.  Oops.
  • At this very moment, Sassy can’t find her good pair of running shoes.  Not good!  If we don’t find them in the next couple of days, we will have to get her another pair.  I think she is going to join the cross country team at school!
  • Just a few school supplies left on each of their lists.  Seems like every year we are tracking down some hard-to-find-but-required items.
  • Still waiting on bus schedules to arrive.  Um, time is almost out!

What was your favorite part of a new school year?

What was your favorite lunchbox?  The Dukes of Hazzard (the original TV series)!


4 thoughts on “School Prep

  1. Kim

    I love school supplies and shopping for them!!!
    My boys start Tuesday and I think they are excited and nervous at the same time – they both moved up (middle school and high school).
    I hope your girls love their new schools!!


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