Argyle Mexican Ankle Yoga

Wednesday, I came home to a nice surprise in my mailbox.


zensah compression socks

zensah compression socks

I had won a pair of Zensah compression socks in a giveaway on Runner’s Luck.

argyle zensah compression socks

Aren’t they cute?!  (Yes, that’s a BIC Band around my neck.  I was heading to the gym and in the process of putting my hair up.  Or maybe I’m just a trendsetter wearing my headband as a necklace.  Or not.)

After the gym, my mom called and needed me to work at her office for a bit.  She paid me with dinner.

Mexican dinner

As per my usual blogging style, I didn’t remember to take a picture of my food until halfway through the meal (which means I had stopped eating since I always take half home).  But be assured my spinach and onion enchiladas were that good!

We are still enjoying some lower-than-usual temperatures around here.  Can’t say I’m complaining!


Thursday afternoon, I had what should be my very last doctor appointment for my ankle.  I had what could have been my final appointment seven weeks ago.  This appointment was set up at that time just in case I needed to touch base with them.  I did!  I had questions.  As usual.  I have the need to know things!  (My mom is always asking me questions and is surprised when I don’t know the answer.  I tell her I know a little bit about everything but not everything about anything.  And it’s so true!)

  • I wanted to know if my ankle swelling after being on my feet for 2 hours or more was normal.  Doctor said yes.  It could be up to a year before that stops happening.
  • I still have tingling sensation in my foot when touched.  Again, it’s normal for a year or so.
  • Am I causing these symptoms to be worse by running?  No!  Doctor said I can’t hurt it by running!  Woot!  Woot!  Good answer, Doc!
  • Is there a cap on my running?  No!  I can continue with my training, working up to any distance I want!  Love this guy!  Of all of the doctors on this team I had, he’s my favorite.  And a runner!  We always talking running and gear.  I’m going to miss him.
  • When will it not hurt to wear heels?  This may never happen for me.  He said to keep trying, but it may just be the way it is.  I really hope not!  I love heels and have a few new pairs just waiting to be worn!  At this point, I absolutely cannot wear them due to the pain, but I will keep trying every few weeks or so.

I had Friday off from work, so I was able to make it to a yoga class!

yoga class

At first, I thought I had looked at the schedule wrong because I was clearly the only non-senior citizen in the room.  Had I wondered into a Silver Sneakers class?!  Then a couple of other younger people showed up.  Thank goodness!  Not a class for seniors, just a class with mostly seniors in it!

The class ended up being just okay.  The instructor was a sub and one I’ve had before and try to avoid.  I don’t really care for her classes.  She talks really low, turns music up too loud, doesn’t really explain things much, stays on her mat and offers no correction.  This class she totally geared for the elders in it, but at least I was able to get a bit of a yoga workout in.  Always a good thing!

What was the last group exercise class you took?


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