Cicada Owls

OMG Becky found this print and shared it with me.  So funny!  I knew you would enjoy it, too.

caffeinated owls

(Dave Mottram)

This is actually a print you can buy here.  (FYI – I don’t get anything it you buy it.  Just wanted to share with you!)  Think I want one for my new office!  Of course, I don’t have a new office yet, but hope to have one soon.

I noticed something odd on our bird bath yesterday.


I had to investigate.  I thought it might be a frog.

cicada exoskelton

It was a cicada that had just shed its exoskeleton.  So cool!

Yesterday was a great day because I got to run again!  I hadn’t been able to since Wednesday last week.  I was due to run on Friday, but standing for those softball games made my ankle swell way up.  (I help with the team, usually managing the dugout.  Sometimes as a base coach.)  No running allowed when my ankle is so swelled up I can’t get my brace on.  But good news about the brace…  only one more month of this big, thick one.  Then two more months of a thinner one!  Can’t wait.

Yesterday’s run was powered by some great tunes!


Do you have cicadas in your area?  They can be so loud!

Which caffeinated owl are you?


3 thoughts on “Cicada Owls

  1. Liz @ The Girl on Fire Now

    I do have cicadas – and yes, they are loud. Especially when my window is open at 7 am. 😉
    I look like I am a double espresso – and my energy tends to exceed some peoples’ expectations 😉 I drink K-cups for the Keurig, though


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