Life Beyond the Game

Besides all of the softball games happening Thursday-Sunday, we did enjoy a few other things.

Coming back from the gym on Wednesday, I noticed a roadside vegetable stand had popped up.  I circled back to check it out!  (I miss having friends in Oregon give me free veggies from their plentiful, backyard gardens!)

roadside vegetable stand

I left with zucchini and squash.  (Can’t believe I just spelled zucchini right on the first try!  It’s the small things, people.)

zucchini, squash

Thursday, after our evening softball game, we were all starving.  We had to be at the fields at 6:00 PM.  The fields were 45 minutes away with no traffic, but we were going during rush hour traffic.  That meant a departure time of 4:30 PM.  We couldn’t convince the kids to eat dinner at 3:30 PM.  Well, mostly because my girls hadn’t even eaten lunch until almost 2:30 PM that day.  Anyway, by the time the game was over and we were leaving the park, it was almost 9:00 PM.  Food was needed!  And lucky for us, right across the street was Red Robin!

red robin restaurant

My dad, nephew (Guy), and Sassy had gone to the game with us.  Guy was enthralled with the Red Robin statue.

Red Robin bird

Maybe because they were dressed alike?  That’s embarrassing.  Just like wearing a red shirt and khakis to Target.  You will not get out of there without someone asking you where something is!

My Bleu Ribbon Burger, sub Boca patty never tasted so good!

red robin bleu ribbon boca burger

I always take half of it home for another meal the next day.  This burger tastes just as good cold as it does hot!

Saturday, after our games, we headed straight to my niece, Hoppy’s, birthday party.

hello kitty birthday cake

Can you guess the theme?…

She was so cute on her new scooter!

girl on scooter

She kept asking OMG Becky if she liked her scooter,  Becky watch me!  Becky did you see that?  Becky!  Becky!


Did you know all parties have to include party hats and balloons?

It’s required according to Hoppy.

Sunday after lunch, OMG Becky found a cool bug.

Proud mommy/blogger moment when she whipped out her camera to take a picture of it!

Sunday it was cold.  As in record lows, cold.  We had a three-hour break between games.  It involved lots of blankets and sweatshirts.

Hard to believe it was late July in the Midwest.

Yesterday, we did a little back to school shopping.  Best place to do that?  Crayola Store!

crayola store

OMG Becky found a croc purse she loved!  I had never seen one before.  Are they new?

croc purse

Just kidding, she didn’t like it.  Apparently, they are not what all the kids will be wearing this fall.  But she’s a good kid who models for you when I request it.  🙂

We also stopped in the fudge store for a sample.


Did you notice the extreme difference in sample sizes?  Did you guess it was a boy OMG Becky’s age passing them out?  Um, yeah.  Not fair!  He totally hooked her up.

That’s okay though because last night, karma took care of her for me.  She went into the kitchen and let out a screech for me to come here.  I went into the kitchen to find her at the window.  Two of our hawks were enjoying our patio, with two more on our back fence.


I thought it was super cool, but she thought they were way too close for comfort.  Ha!

What do you order at Red Robin?

Are your kids ready to go back to school?


8 thoughts on “Life Beyond the Game

  1. Kim

    My boys are sad that summer is almost over. Our oldest thinks his is already over because we will spend today and tomorrow driving home and then Thursday he starts band camp every day until school starts.

  2. Jesseny Rojas

    kiddo is not in school yet so the year is full of keeping a toddler busy. Got a new backpack for outings for him tho. Couldn’t resist with all the items staring at me at the shops.


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