Perfect Night for Baseball

Tuesday was supposed to be a run day.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  We were going to get up at 6:00 AM for a trail run.  Problem being Sassy had pink eye.  She was already upset about missing Vacation Bible School two days in a row.  I didn’t want to upset her even more by leaving her out of a run.

My other option was a treadmill run later in the day.  Well, I went to the gym, ran a few minutes and honestly, just wasn’t feeling it.  So I hoped on the elliptical instead and a few of the weight machines.

Then it was off to OMG Becky’s last softball practice of the season.  Sad face.  I had to tell my little chicken friends good-bye.  They live at the private field where practice is held.

backyard chickens

I kept telling the girls I was trying to lure them close enough to get into my car.  Funny thing is, later the chickens actually did get in the car of one of parent’s who left their car doors open.  Oops!

Other silly animals?  Leo.  He is still in love with the box OMG Becky put out for him.

cat in box

Doesn’t that look comfy?

Yesterday it was back to the gym for a treadmill run.  Girls didn’t want to get up early enough for a trail run.  Boo.


Treadmill runs aren’t my favorite, but at least I did it.  I was such a sweaty betty!

Then we went to see some baseball!  Big boy baseball.  As in MLB!

How cute are these two?!

MLB stadium

I usually find the games to be kind of long, hot and boring, but last night was great.  We bought tickets on the shady side, upper level for a great view, nice breeze, perfect temperature, and the innings went by pretty quickly.  Plus, I had a few people to entertain me.

family at baseball game

And bonus, my seat had a lot of leg room.  Score!

baseball field

There was the usual baseball park food.  Snow cone.

snow cone

Cotton candy that, I kid you not, Sassy consumed in about 10 minutes flat.  I think she was afraid I was going to make her share it with OMG Becky…

baseball cotton candy

Funnel cake that Sassy and my dad brought back from one of their ventures out of their seats.  Oh and lemonade!

baseball park funnel cake

OMG Becky and her friend, Chad, also had ice cream not pictured.  They didn’t share with the rest of us.  😦

I had brought goodies from home to avoid eating all the park food.  Four bags of popcorn; we only ate three.  A banana for me and bottled water for all.  And that’s all I ate.  No overpriced nachos for me.

The park has a lot of fun, interactive things going on during the game.  One of our group was really into the Dance Cam segment…

Go Chad, go Chad!  Too bad he didn’t actually make it on the big screen.

They had a relay race between Ketchup, Mustard and Pickle Relish.  I was the only one to pick Mustard to win.  We were all into the action…

Mustard for the win!  Oh yeah!

MLB scoreboard

Such a close season.

MLB scoreboard

Back to the real game…  It was a close one the entire time, with just one point separating the two teams.  We went into the bottom of the ninth inning one run down.  Thanks to an awesome hit, the runner on second was able to run home scoring the winning run!  The team then rushed the field to congratulate the batter.

MLB field

So exciting to watch!

Do you have a MLB team nearby?  

What is your favorite stadium food?  Nachos with jalapenos!


4 thoughts on “Perfect Night for Baseball

  1. Kim

    Well, I’m guessing we live fairly close because I know that ball-park!!! They are the closest MLB team to us but I like the Rangers (I’m from Texas!).


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