Music Moves Me

I didn’t think I had very many songs to share with you this round.  Then I started through my list of tags and realized it is a pretty nice-sized list after all.  Enjoy!

Love this song!  OMG Becky even likes it.  So much so after I had her listen to it, she downloaded it onto her iPod for her trip to TX a couple of weeks ago!

I couldn’t figure out why this song sounded so familiar…

And then I realized it was because it sounds so much like this SNL skit song!  Um, what the heck was going on with Jimmy’s hair?!

Do you ever hear a song and like it, but not really love it?  That was me with this song.  I hear it a few months ago, thought it was okay, but not MMM worthy.  It has since grown on me!

I’m seriously in love with all the voices of the members of this group!

You may recognize them from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

This song reminds me of something you might have heard from the 80’s band a-ha.

Another group making their third appearance here.  My favorite hippie band!

Though I can’t say I like her skeleton outfit, at least she accessorized it with a belt.  Ha!

Have you heard Jake Bugg yet?  He’s barely 18 years old.  Such a talented kid!

Third time on my list for Awolnation.  WARNING: This song drops the F-bomb once right at the beginning of the video.

Funny story about this song, after Girls Night Out a few weeks ago, we were driving home, listening to satellite radio, singing along, enjoying the night with the convertible top down when this song came on the radio.  My friend and I looked at each other and I said, “I haven’t heard this song before”…

We both cracked up when the first line of the song was exactly what I had just said!

A-new-to-me Alt-J song.  I think this one has been out for over a year now, but I just hear it recently.  This band is becoming one of my favorites.  I think this is their third appear in my MMM series.

My throwback song this round came on the radio the other day.  I think my girls were a little surprised at my rapping skills!

What music is moving you right now?


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