Little Boys are Cray Cray

Saturday I came home from work to find this scene…

girl in box

What the haymaker?!  Yep, that would be OMG Becky on her iPad in a box.  Why, you ask?  Well, friend, that is a very good question.  I myself, asked the same thing.  She apparently was playing with the cats.  Um, do you see a cat playing with her?  No.  I do see one asleep on the window seat, so unless he’s “playing” opossum, she is not playing with him.

I cleaned the house.  Always a good time.  No pictures to share because let’s face, do you really need to see photos of that.  No?  Didn’t think so.

After all of that fun, I went to the gym for more fun.  Warm-up and cool-down on the recumbent bike, real-time on the elliptical and then 30 minutes on the weight machines.


I listened to the Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Station on Pandora.  Do you ever listen to that station?  Love it!

I also stopped in for a treat on the way home.

sonic token

That token was burning a hole in my pocket!  Free cherry limeade at Sonic?  Yes, please!

What was to be a quiet Saturday night, turned upside when my nephew, Guy, came over for a bit.  Oh my goodness, he was full of energy.  OMG Becky got the most of that directed at her.

booster seat

I’m sure it had nothing to do with the ice cream cone I got him…

First they went outside and played catch.

play catch

That got old quickly.  They came back inside with a gift for me.

rose of sharon

So pretty!  I was going to put it behind my ear, but wanted to smell it first.  Good thing I did because it was then that I noticed it was covered in tiny ants.  Ick!  Back outside it went!

The kids then played hide and seek.  Then doll house.  Then eye spy.

Then Guy asked OMG Becky to get in her box.  She didn’t even bother to ask him why?!  Rookie mistake because he then jumped on the box with her in it!

play with box

Guy then proceeded to basically hold her down while she was screaming and trying to wiggle her way out!  So.Darn.Funny!

Next he came out of my kitchen asking if I wanted to play frisbee.  I wasn’t sure what he was referring to since I was fairly certain my kitchen was frisbee-free…

Um, that’s a placemat off my kitchen table.  I informed him it was not a frisbee.  He asked if it was a taco.  No.  A hat?  Nope.  How about we pretend it’s a placemat that belongs on my table!  What?  That doesn’t sound fun?

Not as fun as him then out of the blue jumping on OMG Becky who was quietly minding her own business on the other couch.

Pretty sure she is beyond happy she never had a little brother!

What is the oddest thing you made into a toy as a child?


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