Cactus Neighbor Dog

Yesterday was the perfect day off.  A great mixture of relaxing and catching up with friends.

It started my favorite way… with an early morning trail run!

trail run

Making it even better?

OMG Becky went with me!  I think this is becoming a habit and I couldn’t be happier about it.





OMG Becky made a discovery on our way out of the woods.


A cactus growing on some rock.  Cactus are not at all common in this area.  Odd, but cool!

For lunch we met up with a friend we hadn’t seen in a few months.  He’s a little blog-shy.  😉

hide face

He was our next door neighbor for six years.  And a great neighbor at that!  Always helpful with doing the guy-stuff for my girls.  Anytime they needed their bike repaired, tires pumped up, learn to fish, etc., he was there to help out.  We miss having him just a few yards away!  We have lived in separate states for the last three years, but try to get together whenever he’s visiting his family here.

After lunch, OMG Becky talked me into visiting a local animal shelter again.  Girl is on a mission to get a dog!  We spent two hours there.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Two hours at the shelter.  We looked at every dog multiple times.  We took a couple of them out to play with in a private yard.  We just haven’t found that love connection with one dog yet.  OMG Becky is beyond impatient to make a decision, but I don’t want to rush it.

After wearing me out at the shelter, I dropped her off at home and I went swimming at my parents’ house with them and my niece.  Well, I say swimming, but it was more like floating.  It was a nice, relaxing end to my day.

If you have a dog, how did you decide on him/her?


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