Friday Fit Fix

This was an okay fitness week for me.

  • Friday – Aquajogging
  • Saturday – Rest day (on purpose, not because I was injured)
  • Sunday – Trail run with OMG Becky
  • Monday – Elliptical, stair climber, treadmill & weight machines
  • Tuesday – Rest day due to swollen ankle due to wearing heels
  • Wednesday – Trail run with OMG Becky
  • Thursday – Rest day (felt nauseous all day, thought it best not to rock that boat)

Two more rest days than anticipated.  Boo.  But on the bright side, I did get three days of running in.  And three days of running is always something to be thankful for!  And thankful, I am.

And the very best part of this week’s fit fix?  OMG Becky running with me!  Love that!


You may have noticed Sassy’s absence this last week.  She’s at their dad’s house.  Miss her little sweet face and endless hugs!

Did you notice what is in her hand?  Yep, Starbucks!  Like mother, like daughter.  You can take the girl out of the PNW, but you can’t take the PNW out of the girl!

OMG Becky’s softball season isn’t over yet so she’s still hanging out with me.  Guess that means more time for us to enjoy more trail runs!

How did you get your fit fix this week?


2 thoughts on “Friday Fit Fix

  1. Elle@thewaybyelle

    Heels! I absolutely love them, but it really takes practice for me to get used to them so I don’t hurt myself. :/
    I have a friend who has been dragging me out of the house to walk in the evenings. It has been great to catch up after the sun goes down and it is cool out. 🙂


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