Just Keep Moving

Monday’s workout was a mix of elliptical, stair climber, weight machines and a cool down on the treadmill.


And then Tuesday was to be a run day after work.  Seems my ankle had other plans for me.  It was mad because I was forced to wear heels for a couple of hours.  It rebelled by swelling up so large, I couldn’t get my ankle brace on.  No ankle brace = no run.  Fantastic.  I took myself to Starbucks to commiserate.

Starbucks drive-thru

That evening, I made plans to run first thing yesterday morning.  I had to make up for my lost running day!  I tried to get OMG Becky to run at sunrise with me.  Apparently getting up at 5:30 AM is a bit much to ask of a teenager on summer break.  Who knew!?

She did, however, agree to get up at 7:00 AM to hit the trail with me.  I will take it!

trail run

And that would be her trying to avoid the camera during our warm-up.  Not me!  Cheesy smile, party of one.  It was a hot, muggy run.  The humidity here has jumped from the low 40% it was on Sunday to almost 90% this morning.  Yay.

In good news…  Guess who finally went down the exact part of the trail where I broke my ankle?  And guess what else…  It was fine.  I didn’t have any emotions when I passed the spot where I fell.  Yeah me, right?


Well almost.

As we were coming back on the trail, a woman and her unleashed dog came towards us.  I didn’t think too much of it because I could see a retractable leash in her hand.  I assumed it was attached to the dog.  Nope.  And of course, he charged at me, barked and nipped at my ankle.  The owner called him off, but then I was concerned he was going to go after OMG Becky, who was several yards behind me.  Thankfully, he didn’t even bother with her.  I was livid.  I really wanted to go off on the owner about her illegal, unleashed dog.  Especially one going after people.  And I would have been in the right to do so.  But then I realized most of the anger I felt would have been misguided.  I would have been saying to her what I really wanted to say to the owner of the dogs from my incident in March.  So I bit my tongue and kept going.

But that’s not the end of it.  Not even three minutes later down the trail, I heard a jingle in the woods.  I knew immediately what it was.  I slowed down, OMG Becky caught up with me and asked why I slowed.  And then suddenly, I saw it.  One of the dogs that had caused me to fall and break my ankle.  He was several yards ahead of us, crossing the trail.  I knew the owner must be close by, too.  I had to leave.  I had to get out of the woods.  As we approached the trail head, I saw I was correct.  The owner of the dog’s car was there.

I hate that.  I hate sharing my woods with him.  But maybe that’s just my own problem.  Maybe I would feel better if I just let him know what I have been through the past few months.  Maybe I just need to vent at the person I feel is responsible.  Maybe then, at the very least, I would feel less stress and anxiety when I see his car or another dog on the trail.  Maybe.

Or maybe I just need to keep moving forward, not looking back.  Even if I am constantly moving two steps forward and one back, I am gaining in the right direction.  If I just keep moving in that manner, the past and that pain is being pushed further and further behind me.  And as the distance between the two grows, the pain will lessen, too.

And because I don’t want to end this post in a pity party, I have to show you this dressing room waiting area I found today.  I went into a new-to-me store today and loved this space!

dressing room

Pretty in pink!

What time of day do you prefer to run?  The earlier, the better for me!


6 thoughts on “Just Keep Moving

  1. Kim

    Bummer that you ran into the same dogs that caused your injury!
    Love that dressing room area – I would want to hang out forever trying on stuff or watching other people model stuff.
    And, I always work out early in the morning!!

  2. paigesato

    your pity-party (which really isn’t one) is justified. Dogs should not be off-leash. I think you should say something. Because the dog owner’s should at least know the grief he caused by flaunting the law.

  3. Jacqueline

    I totally hear you on the dog owners-especially the one who caused you to fall, but I think you will be better off moving on. The only positive thing he could offer you is an apology. I know that’s probably not what you’re looking for and I completely understand your need to vent, but do you really want to relive it? Of course this is totally your choice, just giving you my two cents fo free. 😉
    I’ve seen you {virtually-so not a creeper ha!} make some incredible progress and I’m sure this whole experience has made you stronger mentally too. Plus, you did the right thing and got coffee. It fixes everything, I’m sure of it!


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