Apps for Runners

I heard of a couple new apps runners will love!


The WeTap app draws on the world’s largest database of drinking water sources, enabling you to find the nearest drinking fountains, map new ones, and to report broken fountains so they can be fixed.

Ice Cream Finder:

Are you looking for a location to get an ice cream? With this application you will easily discover all the fun places nearby to get an ice cream cone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday I was able to talk OMG Becky into a trail run with me after church.

trail run

I forgot to leave my sunglasses in the car and ended having to stuff them down the front of my shirt for the run.  Oops!

I did however wear my new Mizuno Wave Sayonara shoes I won!

mizuno wave sayonara



trail run


foot bridge

It was warm and muggy.

OMG Becky was back there behind me somewhere…

Afterwards, it didn’t take her much to convince me to go for a treat.  Ice cream and waffle cone for her.  White cream filled long john for me.

But I didn’t eat it right then.  I have recently discovered the best way to eat this doughnut!  Take it home, put the doughnut in the freezer, stretch, take a shower and then enjoy now cold doughnut.  So good!  Trust me on this one.


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