Flower City Coffee Watch

I have some catching up to do!

Thursday morning, OMG Becky agreed to take a trail run with me.  Love that!  We were greeted with some pretty amazing flowers right next to our parking spot.  We had to check them out!

smell a flower

Trumpet flower of some kind?

orange flower

No idea what these purple and white flowers are but they were so cool!  The purple part was literally popping out of the white onion-looking pod.


Let’s get this run started!  We are quite the sight.  Me with my ankle brace.  OMG Becky with her knee brace.

trail run selfie

People always assume we were in some sort of accident together.  Nope, we just both play hard.  But I do like to tease her that yes, being of beginner driver age, people assume that she did this to us.  Ha!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday morning, I was on my way to yoga and had just pulled into the parking lot when my mom called.  She wanted to go shopping downtown and was on a tight schedule.  Did I want to go?  Now?  Oh sure, convince me.  I turned around and headed home to change.

I love going downtown, especially when I am missing my small town in Oregon.  When I was in Oregon, I missed all the sights of a big city.  Going downtown helps me appreciate being here.


window washer

art scuplture

Western Auto building


bike share

When we got to the store, it wasn’t open yet, but I smelled something to get me through the wait.  Coffee!  There is this lovely little cafe right across the hall.  I approached the counter in search of their menu when I noticed they had Starbucks cups.  What?  Starbucks?!  Yes, they served Starbucks!




About three minutes after my Starbucks find, the store opened and… and I couldn’t take my drink inside.  What?!  I had to leave it outside of the store on a lonely little shelf.  Don’t worry, I kept going back out to visit drink it since we were in the store a good 30 minutes.

I got the goodies I had come for, including this unplanned purchase.

green watch

I have to wear a watch for work and am always on the look out for a new one for variety.  This cutie fit the bill!

And don’t worry, I still got a workout in that day.  We had planned on swimming that afternoon, so I did 50 minutes of aquajogging.

What is your favorite part of a big city?

Do you stop to smell the flowers?

Do you wear a watch?


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