Friday Fit Fix

Great week for me!

Okay, so it didn’t start out so great, but then I really picked up speed.

  • Friday & Saturday – rest due to swollen ankle
  • Sunday – treadmill run
  • Monday – hike with OMG Becky and yoga class
  • Tuesday – treadmill run
  • Wednesday – elliptical
  • Thursday – trail run with OMG Becky

Do you see something there?  I am on a roll!  My ankle has been feeling good the past few days.  I plan on keeping up with the activity because I CAN!

No brownies for me this past week, but I really want some.  I need to come up with a healthier option than just a box mix.

Did I mention I am shopping around for a fall 10K race?  Think I am ready to tackle that training.  Might as well once I’m done with my 5K program.  Think it will be good for my ankle endurance.

How did you get your fit fix this week?

Any healthier brownie suggestions?

What is your next race?


6 thoughts on “Friday Fit Fix

  1. Kim

    Glad that your ankle is doing better!!
    My next race isn’t until October – 50 miles. Part of my fit-fix this week was a 5 hour training run today (31 miles). Plus 6 boot camp classes during the week.


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