Water Fight

Tuesday was a treadmill run.  Do you watch TV on the treadmill?  I usually listen to Pandora  on my phone and watch TV on mute at the same time.

treadmill workout

Tuesday I found a UFC match to watch.  Always fun to watch!

That night was Sassy’s spring softball team’s end of the season party.  Her coach rented a shelter at a local park.  She picked a great location!  It was right next to the playground, clean bathrooms, parking, sand volleyball court and a baseball field.

When we first got there, most people were playing volleyball.  And I have zero desire to hurt my ankle playing something I don’t really want to play in the first place.  And it was 100 degrees outside!  No thanks.  I hung out in the shady of the shelter with a dad who was sore from playing softball over the weekend and didn’t want to play volleyball either.

There was also a little silly dancing happening.

girls dancing

Of course, Sassy was right in the middle of it.  Not a bit of shyness in that girl’s body.

Soon enough the food was ready.  One parent had brought a trailer in with two grills and a smoker on it to prepare the meat.  Crazy.  I knew the menu was hamburgers, hotdogs and chips.  Since I don’t eat meat that left chips as my dinner.  Yummy, right?  Ha.  I brought my own salad.  It was too hot to even think about eating other than something cold.  I should have taken a picture of it!  It was basically just a dump everything out of my fridge in it salad.  Spinach, Spring mix salad, cubed watermelon, blueberries, chopped baby carrots, cottage cheese and salsa ranch dressing.  Looked gross, but tasted great!

After dinner, the kids went to play on the playground and the parents started secretly loading up water balloons.  Crap. I can’t run because I didn’t wear my brace and I’m wearing sandals.  Looks like I will be sitting that part out, too.  I had good company.  The dad sitting with me didn’t want any part of the water fight either.

It quickly moved from water balloons to people grabbing water bottles out of the coolers and dumping them on each other.  Madness!  I managed to avoid any direct hits.  Sassy did coming run at me at one point, ready to get me.  I quickly pointed out that I hadn’t ambushed her.  She aborted her mission.  Thank goodness!  The dad sitting with me was not so lucky.  Another softball mom snuck up behind him and dumped a bottle of water down the back of his shirt.  I don’t think he was too happy with her.  I didn’t see it coming in time to warn him.  Sorry.

After getting the girls as dirty, sweaty and wet as possible, we thought it would be a great time for a team picture.

girls team picture

Next the coaches presented the girls with their trophies.  I took a picture of Sassy getting hers, but in true awesome blogger style, it was way too blurry to post.  Winning.

Then they announced we were playing girls against parents in a softball game.  Um.  Thanks for the advance warning.  Again, I had to sit out and watch.  I wasn’t too happy about that.  I would have loved to play!  That was my one major complaint with this team this season.  The lack of communication.  Oh well.

They played until it got too dark to see the ball coming at them.  It was a really fun party and the perfect way to end the season!

Yesterdays workout was one of the elliptical kind.  It was to include weight machines, but they were packed.  And then as soon as I tried to connect to Pandora, I kept getting a no connection error message.  Then I tried Tuned In app.  No go with that one either.  Grrr.  I really think my phone doesn’t like me sometimes.

elliptical workout

Luckily, as I was flipping through the channels I made this awesome discovery.  Duck Dynasty marathon to the rescue!  And all was right with my world.

Do you listen to music when you run?  

Or do you prefer to plug watch TV, if it’s available?

Or both, like me?


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