I’m a Fungi, I Mean Fungal

I’m a fungal.  Fun Gal.  Get it?  🙂

Monday afternoon, I talked OMG Becky into a nature hike.  We went to a park we don’t go to very often since we live right next to different one.  But variety is the spice of life, right?  So off we went to explore!

hiking trail

As much as I love this park for hiking, I’m not a fan of the running situation.

 The only trail in the park that you are allowed to run on is mostly exposed to the sun, very little shade cover.

wood steps

I love the large rock formations along this trail!


These rocks were used as hiding places by some pretty infamous outlaws during the old wild west days.


The trail also features some old rock structures.  House foundations maybe?


An old well?rock structure

I had fun checking out the trees.

Notice OMG Becky’s face in this picture.  She was very concerned, telling me not to touch that large formation on the tree, something might come out of it.  Never mind the fact that the lump is about 15 feet off the ground.  I think we’re safe.  Ha.

Fungus among us?


OMG Becky’s foot inserted for size comparison.  Not in hopes of catching such fungus.  😉



We have been on this trail before, but I had totally forgotten it poured us out into an open field towards the end.  Not a fan when it is a humid day  and almost 100 degrees.


Oh well.  At least there were pretty flowers and berries to look at.

wild berries

Soon enough we were back under the cooler trees.


OMG Becky’s favorite part of this hike was all the small butterflies along the way.  She kept stopping and holding still, trying to get them to land on her.  She finally succeeded in the parking lot!

Day made!

What’s your favorite part of a nature hike?


6 thoughts on “I’m a Fungi, I Mean Fungal

  1. Kim

    Oh – I would love to hike on that trail. Loved all the pictures (except the mushroom – large ones sort-of gross me out even though I eat them!!).

    1. Whine Less Post author

      OMG Becky was pretty grossed out, too. It took a bit of convincing to get her to pose with her foot there. “Come on! Do it for the blog!”


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