Homemade Ice Cream & The Heat

You may have noticed I was due to run Friday.  It didn’t happen.  My ankle was swollen when I woke up.  And I had a bit of achy pain in it off and on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday it was still swollen so I let it rest another day.  But Sunday I woke up and it was looking better.  That meant I could run!  As soon as we got home from church, I headed to the gym.  I would have preferred a trail run, but OMG Becky was not up for it.  Whatever, Becky!

Week 1, Day 3 of Couch to 5K done!

After that it was time for a cool down of my favorite kind.  Swimming!

Guy made a whole production about getting in the water.  I’m falling!  I’m falling!

boy in life vest

He didn’t fall.

He and OMG Becky were going to jump in at the same time.  They counted down.  She jumped.

jump in pool

He did not.  I think being the youngest of five children has made him distrust the “we’ll do it on 1, 2, 3” method.

But he did jump in once he saw OMG Becky was actually in.

jump in pool

While we were swimming there was some very important work going on.

My dad was making homemade ice cream!

make homemade ice cream

Once I was done swimmingc, I got out of the pool to lay out and Guy asked me to play catch with a velcro ball and mitt set.  While I was laying down.  On the ground.  On my stomach.  I did and it was quite the core workout!  Then OMG Becky and my mom wanted in on the action.

play velcro catch

And Guy, not wanting to be left out, jumped in between them, shouting “let’s play Monkey in the Middle!”

monkey in the middle

So funny to watch!  They had me rolling!

My other nephew (I really need to name him…), stayed in the pool.

boy in pool

Party pooper.

Speaking of party poopers.  The water was too cold for someone.  He jumped in, swam for maybe five minutes, got back out and then fell asleep.

nap by pool

I guess ice cream making makes you cold.  And tired.  😉

Either way, it was good!

homemade chocolate ice cream

This was the first time making chocolate ice cream.  It was so worth the wait!

After dinner, my parents invited us to the movies.  My dad wanted to see The Lone Ranger.  Um, I didn’t even know there was a movie out called The Lone Ranger.  Then we looked it up online and I found out it’s a Disney movie starring Johnny Depp.  Apparently, I live under a rock.

We also discovered it had gotten pretty bad reviews so my mom and I talked my dad into see The Heat with promises of it being a cop movie with car chases.  It was!

On the way to the theater, I tried taking selfies with OMG Becky.

selfie with daughter

As you can see, she was totally into it.

We went to a brand new theater, so I told the others to run up to it and jump so I could take their picture.  Only one of the three obliged me.

He’s the fun one.

The movie was really funny and we all liked it, except for their use of the f-bomb every other word.  If you can tolerate that, go see it!  And the new theater was nice, too.  They had leather seats that rocked.  Ew la la!

Do you make homemade ice cream?  Any recipes to share?

What was the last movie you saw at the theater?

Who’s the fun one in your family? 


2 thoughts on “Homemade Ice Cream & The Heat

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    I keep hearing that the heat is really funny! I haven’t been to a movie in forever…maybe the Avengers?! I’m a total Red Box-er these days 🙂


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