Lake, Rings & Polish

Friday I had to work a few hours and then it was off for an afternoon on the water!  But first we had to prepare.  Sunscreen City!

apply sunscreen

Doesn’t Hoppy look like she is thoroughly enjoying this application?  Yeah, not so much.

Soon enough we found a quite cove, threw out the anchor and the little kids (Hoppy & Guy) wanted to float.

kids in tube

That got old quickly.  They wanted in the water to swim!  Swimming required an adult in the water with them.  Guess who went in?  Yep, me.  I would rather be in the water than sitting on the boat any day!

Here’s what it looks like when a small child tries to drown an adult.

swim in lake

Hoppy finally relaxed enough to be comfortable floating on her own noodle next to me.  Well, as long as I held on to one end of her noodle, too.  Guy, Hoppy and I swam/floated/bobbed for a long time.  Hoppy didn’t want to get out of the water!  We finally talked her into getting back in the boat with the promise of tubing.

Hoppy had never tubed before, we weren’t sure how it was going to go.  We also weren’t sure how this pic was going to turn out.  As I’m hold the rope to the tube, trying to take the picture with my phone, while leaning off the back of the boat, I was thinking/hopping/praying I wouldn’t drop my phone in the lake!

kids in tube

Luckily, I didn’t drop my phone and Hoppy loved tubing!


This is my attempt to take a selfie with Guy.

I may have forgotten I had zoomed in for the tubing shot.  Oops.

He’s so cute!  Sporting his mom’s hat and sunglasses.

He’s pretty much the most easy-going kid you’ll ever meet.  Think it’s because he has four older siblings?  He’s always up for anything, just going with the flow.

After the lake and cleaning up, my mom and I went out to dinner.  My dad was out of town and both of my girls were gone.

We started with an appetizer of onion rings.  It was barely enough for one of us, obviously.  😉

onion rings

And then our dinner came.

I had ordered the veggie plate.  Soup or salad and choice of four sides.  It was a lot of food.  A whole lot of food.  I ate half my salad and most of my baked potato.  The best of it had to be boxed up to take home.  And those baby carrots?  The best I have ever eaten in my life, no exaggeration!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Saturday OMG Becky came home from her youth trip to Texas around noon.  She had been gone since Sunday.  Missed her face so much!  She was exhausted.  She came home, took a shower and went straight to bed for a nap.

While she napped, my mom and I went for pedicures.  The first pedicure I have had in months!  My feet needed help.

pedicured feet

Ah!  So much better!

Back home, I finally woke OMG Becky up at 5:30 PM to eat dinner and, hopefully, sleep through the night and get back on some sort of regular sleep schedule.  According to her, she only got 2-5 hours sleep each night on her trip.  Tired girl.

Which do you prefer?  On the boat or in the lake?

Where are you in your family’s birth order?

What color is your toe nail polish right now?


2 thoughts on “Lake, Rings & Polish

  1. Kim

    I prefer on the beach but I do like floating around in our pontoon!
    I’m the oldest of 4 by 3 minutes (I have a twin brother!).
    Was your daughter in San Antonio? I know someone else who’s daughter just got back from a youth thing this week and that’s where she went.

    1. Whine Less Post author

      How cool to have a twin!
      Yes, she was in San Antonio with my niece, our church youth group and 25,000+ other high school students for a national youth gathering. Amazing experience for them!


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