Our Fourth

Our Fourth of July was pretty low-key compared to the last few years.  (Our small town we lived in previously took celebrating the holiday to a whole new level!)  This year was food, family and lounging.  Between my dad getting the pool decks ready and Sassy putting every flotation device in the pool, we were ready!

swimming pool

Bring on the family and the food!

My first plate.  I had to go back for more pasta salad and grilled veggies!


The Red, White & Blueberry trifle I brought.  It was a hit!

red, white & blueberry trifle


Sassy and Hoppy had a lot of fun swimming together.

swimming pool

swimming pool

I even swam instead of just my usual floating on a raft.  Yes, it was a very special holiday, indeed!

swimming pool

And lounging.

Think my dad’s lounging turned into a full-on nap in the shade…

Pay no attention to my desperate need for a pedicure.  That situation will be rectified today!

Later more family joined in the fun to go watch a local fireworks display.  No pictures because I didn’t go, but Sassy said they were pretty cool.

What was the best thing you ate on the Fourth?


6 thoughts on “Our Fourth

  1. Kim

    We did brats and burgers with friends – I actually ate a brat for a change and it was good!!!
    I’m pretty sure I would spend all of my time at that pool if that were an option!!

  2. Susan

    Sounds great, that dessert looks awesome! 🙂 we did nothing, went no where, and had pizza. So opposite of the things we’ve done every year. We normally host a party but this year plans didn’t work out so we relaxed in the quiet!


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