Back to the Scene of the Crime

Happy Independence Day!

fireworks flag

(Beverly & Pack)

First things first.  I tried to wear heels on Tuesday.  Fail.  My ankle did not like it at all.  I made it about 3-4 hours before I had to take them off.  Oh well, I will try again in a couple of more weeks.

Now the good stuff.  Yesterday was a FANTASTIC day.  Sassy and I went on my first trail run in what feels like forever!

mother & daughter

We even went back to the trail where I broke my ankle.  I admit, it was a bit nerve-wracking.  Especially when looking down the 1/4 mile hilly start to the trail.  This is the part that I had to crawl/drag/get myself up alone with my broken ankle.  Longest, most painful 20 minutes of my life.


It was a bit hard to look down that trail.  Even now just looking at this picture, makes me tear up a bit.  It feels like I have been through so much since I was there 3.5 months ago.  But that is exactly why I went back.  I need to replace those feelings and memories, with new, happy ones.  I want to appreciate that the trees had completely filled in with green since the last time I was there.  Spring has just started to bring on tiny leave buds at that time.  I want to see and appreciate those things.  Not the negative.  This is my place.  The woods always have brought me a feeling of peace.  I want to be in that mind space again.

At the bottom of the hill, the trail forks.  To the right is the place where I was injured.  I chose to go left yesterday.


But not before taking a picture of the curve where I was startled by the dogs and then fell.


I will go right at the fork someday.  Just not yet.

Bonus for turning left at the fork?  Wood bridge over the water!

run over bridge

There were several other people out on the trail.  Was nice to see others working on their fitness.  We saw teen twin girls running with their mom following behind on her mountain bike.  We saw an older couple on their mountain bikes.  Other bikers and a few other runners.  And this little guy on our cool down.


We helped him across the trail so he wouldn’t get ran over.

It was a good run/walk combo.  Thank goodness the heat and humidity were low.  Even without them, I was a sweaty betty.

sweaty betty

Sassy didn’t want her sweaty betty face on display.  Chicken.  I have no shame.  Rockin’ the red face!

My happiness was short lived.  As we emerged from the woods, I saw the car of the owner of the illegally, unleashed dogs that startled me on the trail when I broke my ankle.  My heart immediately leapt.  This man does not know that I broke my ankle, required surgery, have a metal plate and five screws now, that I was off work for weeks, on crutches for months, required physical therapy.  How do I tell him that?  Should I tell him that?  Lots of thoughts rushing through my head when I saw his car.  It may take awhile to get over this.  I am grateful that I didn’t see him.  Don’t think I’m ready for that.

Back home, after cleaning up, we headed to the grocery store to get ingredients for a Fourth of July dessert.  A trifle was requested, so after some research, I found the perfect recipe.  It involved baking a cake.  A cake that just about escaped its pan in the oven.

bake cake

Pictures and recipe of the final product to come tomorrow.  I don’t want any family members to see it until our get-together later today.

Another reason yesterday was fantastic?  I won a giveaway from Skinny Runner for the new Mizuno Wave Sayonara shoes that you can’t even buy until tomorrow!!  I have worn Asics forever, always afraid to spend my money to try something new.  The reviews I have read about these shoes are pretty great.  I couldn’t be happier to win these!


And seriously, look at that pink color!  Gorgeous!!  If you haven’t seen it already, check out the post announcing I won because it includes a guest post from my fabulous friend/soul sister, Jacqueline from Skinny Chic Blog.  So excited to see her post there!

After all that excitement, it was time for work.  By work, I mean volunteering at our church’s fireworks tent.  When we left our house, it was pouring down rain.  Then we drove out of it, but things were not looking so good…


Luckily, it only rained for about 30 minutes at the tent.  But oh my goodness, it was cold!  I had worn shorts and a sleeveless shirt and really wished I had worn jeans and a jacket.  Goosebumps all night long!  Did not feel like July in the Midwest.

Sassy was a great helper!  She stocked, straightened and sacked non-stop.

fireworks tent

My parents did the same.  Me?  I was the greeter, basket passer-outer, specials explainer at the entrance.  It was fun! I like chatting up people.  I discovered a fireworks tent is a pretty happy place to be.

And the view was pretty nice, too.  Fireworks all around us!


After standing for four hours straight last night, my legs are tired today.  I was going to go to the gym this morning (they are open 8 AM – noon), but decided to make it a rest day instead.  I will probably swim this afternoon anyway, so I can get a bit of aqua jogging in at that time, if I want.

What’s your workout today?

Anything fantastic happening to you this week?

How are you celebrating today?


8 thoughts on “Back to the Scene of the Crime

  1. Liz @ The Girl on Fire Now

    I ran with a bunch of other girls training for soccer; we did jog/sprint intervals 🙂

    I am working through my first week of half marathon training!! 😀

    By staying in pj’s most of the day and just chilling

  2. Kim

    Wow – I’m impressed that you already went back to the trail – way to face a fear!!!
    And, CONGRATULATIONS on the shoes!!! I saw your name and was very happy for you – so exciting!!!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Thanks Kim! Can’t wait to rock the pink shoes!
      I had to go back to the trail. The woods belong to me, not my fear. The sooner I reclaim them, the better.


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