Teenage Zoo Animals

Friday I was out of mind and agreed to “chaperone” my niece (Myo), my daughter and four of their friends to the zoo.  Don’t worry, I survived and am now here to tell you all about it.


We almost didn’t get there at all.  My stupid car won’t start.  Again.  This is the fourth time in as many months.  I took it into the shop after the last time this happened just a few weeks ago.  They ran tests on the battery, the alternator, and everything else, but couldn’t find anything wrong.  Grrr.

Back to the zoo!

First stop were the polar bears.  Love them!  This guy was having a ball by swimming up to the glass, diving down in front of us and then pushing off the wall.  Over and over again!


My favorite is usually the orangutan’s.  But they were pretty boring that day.

teenagers, orangutan

Next up was the bird atrium.  OMG Becky, the bird hater, was not having it.  We barely made it in the entrance when she practically ran to the exit door on the other side!

bird atrium

The rest of us enjoyed getting up close and personal with the birds.  Like this group watching over two eggs in their nest!  So cool!

bird atrium, bird nest

Some of the children enjoyed the slides.  Actually it was just this one child.


Another small bird atrium had OMG Becky asking for a human shield.

bird atrium

How could she not love this sight?!

bird atrium

Then it was time for lunch.  We had packed a picnic and enjoyed some shade.


Then it was back to the animals!

This Golden Lion Tamarin was fun!  He would try to lick and grab our fingers through the glass.

Golden Lion Tamarin

And I liked his hair/mane.  It looked like a really bad wig.  Ha!

OMG Becky and Myo tried to make a rubbing, but they turned out kind of lame.

teenagers, rubbing

I love how close this zoo allows you to get to the animals!


We were running out of time so we decided to view part of the zoo from the sky.  Chair lift to the rescue!

chair lift

1, 2, 3, sit!

The views were amazing!



giraffe, baby giraffe

Our last stop was the sea lion show.

sea lion jumping through hoop

The show was great!  Too bad it only lasted 10 minutes.  Womp, womp.

I noticed this sign on our way out.  Had to share it with you because it made me smile!


I ended up buying a family pass so we can go back again with Sassy.  Hopefully, next time we will get to explore a bit more of the park, especially the part we only saw by air.  I missed seeing the gorillas and chimps up close!

elephant statue, teenage girl

What is your favorite zoo animal?


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