Sunday Snapshots

And only four days later!  Fantastic blogging skills on display right there.  😉

Sunday was day two of a softball tournament for OMG Becky’s team.  She is still on the DL, but we go to all the games to support her teammates until she can play again.  We’ve got spirit!  Yes, we do!

fastpitch softball

It was early.  I needed support of the caffeinated kind.

coffee, fastpitch softball

Going for ice cream after a game is sort of a tradition.  Even if said game is over in the AM.  We don’t discriminate.

waffle cone

How one eats an ice cream cone sideways is beyond me.

After lunch, the team headed to the beach.  Honestly, when OMG Becky asked if she could go to the beach, I was so confused.  We are in the land-locked Midwest.  When I think beach, I think ocean.  And the closest ocean is over 1000 miles away.  Obviously, that was not the beach she was asking about.  It was a lake beach.  The lake that we live next to.  Duh.  BUT, in my defense.  I have never been to this beach so it didn’t even come to mind.  AND it’s on the other side of the lake, so not something we normally drive by.

lake cove

lake beach

Not sure how busy this cove and beach usually get, but it seemed pretty popular.  The marina was hopping, too.

boat trailer parking

And now the discovery of my life summer!…

Did I tell you I have blackberries growing in my yard?  Sassy and I enjoyed picking them and then, of course, eating them.  I even posted this picture on my Instagram.

pick blackberries

And then I found out today they are not blackberries.  They are raspberries.  Black raspberries!  I didn’t even know such a thing existed!  Shocked.

Leo and Okie are so shocked they can’t even look at me.

cats looking out door

Have you ever had a black raspberry?

Did you know they existed?  Please tell me I’m not alone.

Any recipes I should use them in?

When you hear beach, what type do you think of?


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