Birthday on Fire

Friday night was girls night out to celebrate a friend’s birthday with dinner, drinks and dancing.  We headed my favorite dining/retail/entertainment district.

retail dining entertainment district

It reminds me so much of the downtown area where we lived on the West coast!

There were even a few street perfomers out.  Love!

street entertainment

First up was a sushi dinner.  We even found a table outside!

patio dining

Have I ever told you about this girl?

One of my besties.  We have been friends since fourth grade!  She may have a thing for firemen.  Imagine her amuzement went a firetruck pulled up right in front of our table!  She started taking photos of them.  And I started taking photos of her taking photos of them.

take picture of firetruck

The best part of it was when she was trying to show me the photo of a particular fireman she had photographed.  I was telling her to turn around…

Because more were behind here!

She was in heaven!

After dinner, we went to another location for a drink.  When it was time to leave there, look who we saw again!  Hi Firemen!


Next up was a dive bar several blocks away.  This required the moving of the cars.  And another firemen spotting!

I think they were following us…

Moving the cars, also meant dropping the convertible top.

And a very blurry photo.  My new phone camera and I are still getting to know each other.

Dive bar meant shots!

lemon drop shot

That’s my hand, but I didn’t do the shot.  I’m just not a shot girl.  I gave mine to the birthday girl.

Bottoms up!  And that lead to this…

girls dancing

We gonna party like it’s your birthday!  And we did!


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