Friday Fit Fix

It finally feels like summer here and my workouts involve this!…

swimming pool

Pool time at the parentals house!  Good thing they live less than a mile away.  I strap on my aqua jog belt and get to moving.  Sassy has been pretty jealous of my sweet belt, constantly asking to use it.  Nope, all mine!  I really suck at sharing.  You would think I was an only child or something.  Nope, siblings everywhere!

Sassy had to find other ways to entertain herself.  How about hamming it up for the camera?  Check.

underwater girl

Blondie and her brother came over one day to hang out, too.  They live close by, too.

kids in pool

Before hitting the pool, I was smart enough to make a smoothie to be ready for my post workout recovery fuel.  It was a cool lime green color and tasted as good as it looked.

tropical green smoothie

I put a tropical spin on this one and loved it!

  • 1 cup vanilla coconut milk
  • Yoplait Greek 100 Tropical flavor
  • handful of fresh, raw spinach
  • small handful of ice cubes
  • 1 frozen banana

This will definitely be a summer favorite!

Sassy had a double-header Tuesday night.  Love watching a softball game at night!  It’s much cooler as a spectator in the evening.  And the players seem to enjoy it, too!  😉

softball game

Especially little blonde girls playing catcher!

Even though it was a bit cooler with the sun going down, Sassy came off the field in between games and needed me to redo her pony tail.  Her head was drenched in sweat!  It was like she had dunked her head in a sweat bucket.  So gross!  The humidity was outrageous.  Welcome back to the Midwest!  Ugh.  I had to wipe my hands on this lady’s blanket.

night softball game

It was 70+ degrees outside and my mom needed a blanket!  Issues with the Elderly.  That should be a new reoccurring post title…

This was my water bottle at the same time.

Nathan waterbottle

Dripping condensation it was so warm and muggy outside!  And she is wrapped in a blanket.  <shaking my head in disbelief!>

My dad insisted that Sassy deserved ice cream after her games.  Sonic half-price shakes it is!

Sonic half-price shake, peanut butter bacon shake

Sassy is on a mission to try all 25 flavors this summer.  This was peanut butter & bacon flavor…  She loved it!  I say yuck.

sonic half price shake, peanut butter bacon shake

How cute is she in her BicBand?!  Why yes, I did buy her that headband specifically to match her softball uniform.  Ah the joys of having a daughter!

How many of the Sonic 25 shake flavors have you tried?  Sassy has tried 4 now.  OMG Becky sticks with the same Oreo Cheesecake shake.  I tried the Chocolate Cream Pie once, but much prefer the Coconut Cream Pie shake.

Is humidity an issue where you live?  I am not at all acclimated to it yet.  I am melting!  I miss the mild seasons of southern Oregon.


11 thoughts on “Friday Fit Fix

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Blue coconut slush! My parents bought their house eight years ago specifically for the pool. They knew it would be a family time magnet. 🙂

  1. Kim

    I’m not a shake fan (I don’t like ice cream – weird but true!).
    Peanut butter & bacon?!
    It’s humid here – a lot of mornings during my 6am boot camp I’m a drenched mess because it is so sticky!!!

      1. Whine Less Post author

        🙂 I was thinking about what frozen treats, besides ice cream & frozen yogurt. I came up with frozen grapes. So good!

  2. Catherine

    Omg! Come try fl. I ran at 800pm last week and weather app said 90 but feels like 95. Thought i was gonna die, literally! Just keep thinking how much better i’ll be in the fall. As a new runner, its a struggle. 🙂

  3. Whine Less Post author

    I stayed at the Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura in 2008. I remember running around the 3.1 miles, Don Soffer Exercise Trail that looped our resort. I thought I was going to die, too! The humidity was horrible!


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